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  1. I didn't want to tell anyone i switched teams ....... but its time. Ive been a Yamaha fans 30 years Sleds and dirt bikes starting in the mid seventies. That love has ended. Yamaha's decision to drop out of the snow mobile business and only build engines has changed my opinion. I snow checked a Renegade 850 with Smart Shox. For anyone who has not followed this story see vid below. This is big.
  2. All good advice. Yes im gunna pay the ticket. I just had to vent.
  3. Quebec bob - says i hear ya. smaclenan - says let it go. probly best. mike rider says - wont keep you outta Canada. action jack says - not paying bad idea. iceman says - Maybe Can't come back to Quebec. This would be outrageous. Thinking.......... thinking..... the smart shox are winning. oh this sucks.
  4. Mike rider nailed it. When we came off the logging roads the groomed trail just spilled out on what looked like a township road. I suspect it was not township because my ticket says " operate without landowner permission". Do they write tickets on behalf of the land owner logging companies??? Fighting tickets long distance is not easy and not doable unless you live within reasonable distance Financially makes no sense for me. I'm just venting and dreaming about my new smarter than me....... smart shox i just snow checked. Ice say maybe no more Quebec. There is no worse punishment. - - -mac - - -
  5. I received a ticket from fish and game snowmobiling in NH. I was outraged and am debating whether or not I should pay the fine of 248 dollars. Im charged with "operate without written landowner permission". Forestry work was in the area and not operational. In fact the groomer and trail ran rite through the logging operation and spilled out onto the road where the ticket was issued. On the back of the ticket it says my license and driving privileges will be suspended in this state. Should i care? I am not going back to NH. I'm from NJ. Does this ticket /complaint expire over time. Come on guys talk me out of my foolish thoughts. Should i pays this?
  6. Riding on the township road. Roughly 100 yards. Not a single home, business, or building of any sort in any direction. That crime fighting sheriff had no other crime to fight.
  7. We rode last week in Pittsburg NH. My first experience in NH. I'm never going back. I saw more tickets handed out than ive ever seen anywhere before at $250 each. The Sheriff and his trusty assistant sat in one place and wrote tickets for hours if not all day. The logging trail was acceptable to ride on and spilled out onto a township road. Fifty yards ahead and everyone is ticketed. As we pulled back into town after riding in the northern sections near the Canadian border they were still writing tickets four hours later. I let him know the tourism dollars support his town of 813 people. I told him this was nothing more than a money grab. Finally i told him i was never coming back. He took that and OK.
  8. Mac

    Sciere 54

    Wow no GAS makes this leg not rideable. Far worse bad news....... we even have to bring our own toilet paper.
  9. Nice reporting guys. Can you tell me what county and where those mountain view pictures were taken? I'm looking at many different maps but do not where its best to start and drop the sleds. Please advise.
  10. Confirmed. Bears do sh.. in the woods.
  11. I agree the warmest helmet i have ever owned. I not sure if thats good or bad. The shield seals tight and is draft free so i like that. My eyes were always tearing with other helmets. I run hot with my cheap Irish skin. This helmet should have better venting. How does the humidity in the helmet exhaust?
  12. My new Oxygen helmet arrived yesterday. Like any new toy i unboxed immediately. It does appear to have nice features. I removed the ear pads as they felt to tight and seamed unnecessary for my liking. Maybe after the helmet breaks in i will try again. I'm most interested in air flow around my eyes. My past helmets has to much air movement making my eyes to tear a lot. The helmet looks to seal air very well. The throat coat idea seems like it may be the cause for overheating. I seem to run hot anyway. I most likely wont be using the neck warmer unless its very cold.
  13. I just placed an Oxygen helmet order at Eklund Motor Sports. They have stock.
  14. Mac


  15. Hi Bill, Reading your response. I cant find Lac city. Did you mean Lab City? The Cains quest race starts in Labrador City at the Arena March 2 so maybe that would be a better start option anyway. Eight - ten guys split the cost. Ride the train on Monday. Sleds follow the next day. 3200 miles groomed trails.