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  1. Dr. Fakee would be in president potatoes office Now that chit is funny
  2. The picture of you and Caro with the sleds and mountains needs to go up in your garage. Blow it up big and in a frame!
  3. 2,000 miles mostly Maine, then Pennsylvania, WNY. Can't wait to get back in Quebec.
  4. Oh wow, hope he is ok. I do know he wears a protective vest while riding.
  5. I own a Ram, I can unlock doors from my phone anywhere I have internet. It is a nice feature ehh.
  6. Was fun to follow along Ice. Welcome aboard "Super Dave". Do you ever ride sleds?
  7. He was/Is a great ambassador of the sport!
  8. Normal mode gets slightly better fuel milage than Eco. Try it
  9. The trail that I can get on near my house in Hamburg is closed in both directions due to the same crap! I have to trailer now to ride locally.
  10. This is all I got from a friend
  11. Looks like off trail riders again.
  12. Love this helmet. My only complaint was the neck gator too short. I took a Doo balaclava with gator and cut out the neck part and had it sewn into helmet gator. Works great. I see Doo has something similar for 2022.
  13. Alain, you now have competition. 😂
  14. Albie, nice meeting you and thanks for some tips. Ivey's motor lodge was excellent. Place must have been updated recently, great rooms. Had a pub with food inside, our kinda place.