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  1. Hi QR....several years back we ran quest from the Comfort Inn in Mont Laurier. I know we went 13 west, to 322 northwest, to 63 northwest, and eventually heading up 386 north. I vaguely remember dropping down 386 (from 63) briefly, to an outfitter than had gas. But, on 63, it seems like there is no gas from where 322 ends, and the outfitter I mentioned. Can anyone confirm gas along that route and/or if the outfitter on 386 (south of 63) is still there, with gas? Edit: Also lodging along this route.....assuming we want to travel 200-250+ miles the first day from Mont Laurier. I thought we stayed in a notel motel type place in Le Domaine, but can't remember and there's nothing indicated on FCMQ about lodging along this route.
  2. Jim’s from PA. I don’t think he rides alone. Otherwise really hope it wasn’t him.
  3. im4snow


    The below site may have some turnkey solutions. Also check the gps section of
  4. I had the Adventurer from Choko. I “upgraded” to a high-end Klim (forget the model but it was their most expensive). I like the Choko better. Choko is warmer with better pocket options. And did I mention noticeably warmer? Sold the Klim and went back to Choko Adventurer. Have heard great things about Doo’s Absolute Zero......but it’s nearly 2x the cost of an Adventurer.
  5. Always look forward to your posts Mike. Please keep them coming. John
  6. Ceiling fans in the garage. 👍🏻
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    The info's a little dated but see page 8 from this link..... You can probably get more details regarding powering a device etc on Dootalk's GPS forum (my example in the link above was a '14 800). At the time I used an automotive GPS with QB trails from Trakmaps. I had no issues in below 0F temps with the screen. And I thought the GPS I used was big enough to be functional while riding. I found the Trakmaps maps to be very precise. I didn't expect it but I was looking at the GPS a lot while riding as it'll show upcoming turns (major and minor). Amazing how much detail was provided.
  8. Gonna hold out for the Tesla pick up truck. Should self drive us to Quebec.