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  1. Linda, JG, how's the snow holding up? trying to get 1 last ride in but can't make it up there until early next week.... looks like a lot of moisture in the next week hoping the off trail in hills will hold up to it.
  2. I think the best of the best is either Garmin 590LM or the 276cx, a bit pricey but you won't out grow either of these for many years
  3. EPIC run and hats off to all that participated in this one. need to make it to Blanc-Sablon and points north on one of next adventures.
  4. Hope you are on your sled celebrating... Happy-Happy!
  5. going to be an interesting week on the north shore. Bob I missed the invite, looks like I'm on the wrong side of Quebec for this week with your friend Dave Mc!
  6. we may run into you, we have a group leaving from Maniwaki or Rabaska (depends on snow) up to Clova, Gouin, La Tuque and back that week
  7. If you are talking this friday you might need to trailer out of matane up the north shore to get to the snow, pretty thin around Matane, they need another 12"+
  8. Great report and pictures as always Alain! Looks to be recovering well from the 2 January thaws.. but still looks like ice-studded tracks would be the preferred choice. I may need to remount my studded tracks (haven't used in 3+ years in Quebec) before my trip up on 17 February. Hoping for just a bit of snow to cover the ice before then, but weather report doesn't show much in next 2-weeks. Keep us posted on how the trails are holding up.
  9. awaiting your report from this week, my plan was to start from Maniwaki on 18th and head north but unless we get more snow may be mounting the studded tracks and starting from Mekoos
  10. Update 1/31 from woodrunner trails site looks like they didn't take too much of a beating; with the cold, wind and some light snow for rest of week should only improve. Would like to see a good dumping though before we are up on the 16th Maniwaki – Grand-Remous and Réserve faunique La Vérendrye Snowmobile Club Les Ours Blancs Trails # 63-322-13-324 TQ-13 Maniwaki to Kazabazua: Average condition TQ-63 Maniwaki to Bois-Franc: Average condition TQ-13 Déléage to Aumond: Average condition TQ-63 Bois-Franc to to the direction of Val d'Or: Good condition Reg-322 Grand-Remous to TQ-63: Good condition Reg-322 Grand-Remous to Pointe à David: Good condition Réservoir Baskatong: Open and Marqued! Average condition Reg-322 to Notre-Dame-du-Laus: Closed Trail regional #324 Aumond to Saint-Aimé-du-Lac-des-Îles and Pontmain: open average condition You can see by yourself on our web site: clic on their name Updated : January 31st, 2013
  11. go north DooMan, rain is hitting southern Quebec pretty hard,,,, deep freeze after it passes tomorrow evening, and some marginal snow by early next week but in the southern 1/2 it's going to be a while before a true recovery
  12. As Crazysnow says... head north, Rain/snow line looks to be around Clova/Parent, north of there should be all snow, let's hope Lac Gouin is spared the heavy rain, looking to do that route 2nd week in Feb.
  13. 2 places recommended in Maniwaki are Auberge du Draveur or Chateau Logue, <100k to devils mountain by sled. But always be safe wherever you park, I've got a diesel truck andcover the VIN, pull relays, and crack the bleed for diesel filter, no way it's moving unless they tow it...
  14. looks like the wind is at least filling in the low spots... maybe some 10-15cm of snow mid week they are saying but no big storms on the horizon, let's hope february brings some moisture to the Gaspe
  15. 900 w/ a hair dyer, putting out 90/120/150 ponies should be interesting. now the big question what chassis do they put it into. and what skid(s) under it? feb 24 will be interesting