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  1. A few pictures from last months storm in Pa.
  2. Stay up top in the higher elevation and you should be good.
  3. Someone posted pictures of riding in northern Pennsylvania in Potter County in my primary riding area today, from an elevational snow above 1500 ft. Probably will get more snow in April than we had all winter. Lol.
  4. Hi Groomer! How late do you think the grooming would have gone on this year with the snow conditions there, if it wasn't for the shut down?
  5. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure that it wasn't just a one day thing before we make alternate route.
  6. Thanks Groomer. Does that mean it is closed for logging?
  7. Does anyone know why trail 386 is red indicating closed? Called the the Val-d'or and they got 6"" of snow out of the storm this morning. Also 63 is yellow heading from Mount Laurier? Have guys in Mount Laurier and they can't find any info out.
  8. How many possible gas stop are there between Mount Laurie and Val d'or?
  9. Thanks. Finally got a hold of them but they were booked up. We changed our plans.