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  1. Just curious how conditions are in the area Trip booked for first week of March
  2. Well I booked it. They had an opening the week we wanted to go. Read some good reviews The owner Eric was very helpful on the phone. Can't wait to go !
  3. It does look nice . Anyone else been there How is the driving to Club Fontbrune . I just read that part of the drive is dirt road
  4. Thx Really appreciate that
  5. Thanks Mid Range ! That does help I have pretty much decided to stay in Maniwaki Going to do day trips out of there Really looking forward to checking out your area !
  6. Well we din't drive right to Val D'or We stayed in Temiskaming and left the trucks there and did a three day saddle bag tour. No 3-4 isnt far to go It seems like it to us because I live in beautiful snowmobile country We get above average snow falls Amazing trails that are groomed well when we get the snow to work with Some locals don't understand why we would trailer anywhere but its just to see some different areas The pic is taken from my deck A staked trail runs right down the lake between me and that island No pic wasn't taken this year
  7. Did that last year. Want to try a new region and yes we are going Tuesday to Friday
  8. Ontario its really not very far. Maniwaki is maybe 3.5 to 4 hours
  9. So which places have a compound?
  10. We are only doing day trips I know that doesn't mean it can't be stolen
  11. That's the place I was looking at.
  12. Anyone ever stay in Maniwaki ?
  13. Do any of the hotels have a locked compound to put sleds in overnight ?