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  1. sounds good thanks for the info.
  2. lol yeah i know ,you know you have it bad when winters not even over and your planning next year already.
  3. anybody know if it is possible to sled right to the race track in Valcourt .Planning for next year.
  4. thanks for the info groomer have a great summer
  5. Hey Groomer ,wondering if there is any good trout fishing in the Gaspe ,might be heading that way end of May for a weekend.
  6. anyone know if the ice is being used to cross between campbellton nb and cross pointe ,quebec .
  7. wondering if someone can tell me how or where to get across the st Lawrence river near Levis by sled ,is there a shuttle service to hire.
  8. Just made this trip on Sunday from Kedgwick NB -Moose Valley -Amqui big signs saying Amqui thewhole way ,easy to follow.Trail was groomed up perfectly
  9. Thanks whaler for the info ,I plan on trying this route in Feb.
  10. Whaler ,did you make this trip yet ,wondering if was marked was it groomed ?
  11. you might be right,looks like a nice trip
  12. heard there may be a new groomed trail from Moose Valley NB to Amqui Quebec for next year,has anybody heard anything on this.