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Colebrook, NH to Sawyerville, QC then return via NH in pictures


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Colebrook, NH to Sawyerville, QC then return via VT in pictures.

My second trip to Quebec this year, first ever for my son 15. He's hooked!

http://www.zachfamily.net/quebec2010feb/ <- most pix here





Thats a fun little loop. Ive been to the hotel sawyerville several times. A fella named Andre owned the place for yr's and died from a heart attack about 10 yrs ago. Then Eve took the place over who is a christmas tree framer. I havent been there for awhile, but they have a annual club party the same weekend as the grand prix in Valcort, next weekend I think. You should go to Valcort to the races sometime. Not far from sherbrook, about 40 miles north. The kids will love it.
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Visited Sawyerville Hotel (Carol) this past Sunday February 8, 2015 from Pittsburg NH. We had a wonderful visit. We started in the Burg, entered Canada through Beecher Falls Vt and returned through Pittsburg. Th entire loop was approximately 120 miles. Sadly the signage was just that, "Sad" and or disappointing to say it lightly. It was snowing heavy all the time so it wasn't that easy to follow tracks of others or the groomed trail and or plowed roads. I suggest the local clubs take the initiative and post signs in both directions so they cater to the Americans who want to cross the border but are hesitant to do so because of the "unknown". In my opinion it is an e-z fix. Post it properly - and we will come, once again, as we did years ago.

Please consider supporting Carole and her partner France at the Sawyerville Hotel..Tel # 819-889-2967. Carol described she and her partner purchased the Hotel from Andre and having put significant $$$ into the hotel since purchasing it. Americans that were visiting at the time I was, stated they have spent many nights there and described the rooms as being decorative, warm and a bargain at an estimated $69 CAD a night. Knowing this, I might just spend the night in the immediate future or with certainty next snowmobile season.

Our lunch although basic was delicious.....1 BLT - One large beer + Hamburger - Fries - Soup - and small beer - $22 CAD + tip.

For those who want gas a SHELL OIL gas station is conveniently located adjacent to the trail - two blocks from Hotel Sawerville.

30 + - miles from the Beecher Falls border crossing - snow covered farm fields and smooth trails makes it an enjoyable day trip.

Visit http://www.fcmq.qc.ca/english/Regions.asp?idR=10 or http://www.bonjourquebec.com/qc-en/accommodation-directory/hotel/hotel-sawyerville_1144349.html

Let us know if you venture out....Enjoy !

If you go ? Have Canadian Trail pass - Passport & snowmobile registration as US Customs will require you produce the latter two.

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Not sure where you had to ride the roads but Chartiersville (sp) to Weedon has traditionally been poorly signed. Due to a number of low/no snow years and low members/ridership, trails in that area have fallen into a state of near abandonment. Some locals ride them but the days of traffic out of Pittsburg going north went away when the price of passes went up, the exchange rate dropped, etc.

On the Vermont side, the trail to the border crossing in Derby has been closed 2-3yrs so you have to go to Norton or Beechers Falls to cross. We usually drive to Beauceville or St. Georges.

I wrote this in response to another post in the Eastern Townships forum. I just don't think many people are riding the area and the local clubs have "petered out".

Haven't been to Hotel Sawyerville in about 10 yrs. Glad to hear the new owners are trying to keep it going.

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