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eastern townships


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Sorry my report is not very timely.

We rode out of Magog 30 Jan thru 01 Feb. We came home on 05 Feb. There was a good amount of snow when we arrived. 25+ cm fell on 02 Feb. Our last 5 miles was through 3' of powder on top of slushy Lac Memphramagog. I heard 25 cm fell again the night we left. Grooming was quite good and traffic VERY light. We had mostly excellent conditions on 521, 55, 65, 25, 410, 418. On 02 Feb we looped out to La Guadaloupe down to Megantic and back to Magog. Very little was worse than good conditions a lot of twisty riding between fun bursts of straight stretches. FYI, you can only take the detour on the bike path where the bridge is gone on 55 south of Sherbrooke between 1p and midnight. We blew up a Ski Doo on the morning of 31 Jan midway across the lake. We had to free it from the slush when we returned after eating a late breakfast and returning to tow it off the lake.

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