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2016 Jeff and Sandy s trip


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Day 10

Forestville to Sacre Coeur. The forestville from baie comeau was covered on the gaspe site, sorry.

One thing I left out yesterday was that the 3 trail had a reroute around Forestville. From the east it used to drop into town by the mcds and gas and the econolodge. Now it stays north of town and town is accessed by a local trail that comes in along the airstrip.

Today the 3 to sacre Coeur was covered with fresh snow and in good condition. We took the shortcut to avoid les escoumins. The river crossing looked good with much fresh traffic.

For Christmas Sandy got me a sweet new Choko jacket from Bill. It was so warm today I was down to just a t-shirt under it. (Nice jacket) I'll need a real winter to test it.

Turning north on the 93 for the short distance to the coronet the trails need a pass from the groomer.

Got to the coronet way too early but we were locked in because their cancellation policy is pretty rigid. The trip today was to leave from baie comea. Looking forward to the salad bar with my meal tonight.



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Don't worry Jeff everybody's reading it, not everyone comments though. Thanks for the report, we where on the ferry a week ago in the other direction.

You bet we're all reading, some quiter than others but we're here.

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We are reading Jeff, and hopefully you were not too disappointed with that salad bar. Not too sure what their version of cole slaw has in it either but one described it as sauerkraut with mayo lol

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Yeah. Don't worry. We are all reading and whoever Has not been to paradise yet this season is living vicariously through your reports. Thank you for taking the time to give us the details.

Including photos makes it even better. Well done. Bonnie randonee.

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Day 11

Sacre Coeur to the casino

First, thanks for shouting back guys. To Viper2 I didn't have a chance to try the Cole slaw although your description sounds great. I was just happy to have a salad bar and baked potatoe, getting tired of frites with my meal.

The 93 south and the 3 west to the ferry had been groomed last night, had firmed up and were perfect. No wait on the ferry.

I will continue on the Quebec/Charlevoix forum.




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Jeff and Sandy,we're planning a 6day ride leaving next wed from St Raymond to Sept Iles and back. Been watching the weather and trail conditions. Things don't look good, but if you've been there, you'll know best.

I couldn't deduce from your reports just how the trails are. Given what you know, and the chance for snow mon-tues, should we go?

Thanks in advance and be safe out there!


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Have you ever been to Sept Isles Odog? That is a nice trip for sure and some of it can be really good running but some is not real fast. Don't know how many miles you plan each day but that is pretty ambitious from St. Ray in 6 days. You may want to consider dropping at Baie St. Paul probably much better conditions to start

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Close to the ferry in baie comea the trails were rough before the snow on Wednesday. The 3 from that point to the west was all good to la malbaie. From there we went north. Today we ran about 20 or so miles on the 3 around quebec city and it was bad. I would assume the snow we got Wednesday opened and or improved the trail between baie comeau and sept isles.

The run between sacre Coeur and baie comea is all pretty fast except the first 30 or so miles, easy day. Between B.C. and sept isle is fast except the section between BC and godbout, still a very easy day.

I agree with viper about staging further east or north to avoid the 3 around QC.


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Just another guy thanking you for the post/good info.

Im with Odog and three others next week. We do 220 -240 miles a day. We were thinking day 1 St. Raymond to Saguenay, 2 Saguenay to Forestville, 3 Forestville to Baie Comeau for lunch and back to Forestville (would we see the big bridge?) 4 Forestville to Auberge 31 on the orange trail, 5 Auberge 31 to Saint Felicien (the long way around the lake) mostly orange trails, 6 back to St Raymond.

I'm thinking this keeps us away from Quebec city and on good trails all the way as we don't go past Baie Comeau.

What do you think? We drive up Wednesday.

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Hi Floridarider,

Welcome to QuebecRider. It looks like you're right on your mileage goals. It mostly depends on if the trails were recently groomed you have a good day, if not a little bit longer but that goes without saying.

You can look at our posts from the past week to get an idea from St Raymond to the Lac and some on the mountain. Around the Lac the clubs have been grooming like crazy.

23 is usually groomed Mon / Tue and then again Thu / Fri. It is a two day trip for the groomer. Weather does affect if they groom. 23 is best during the week and that is when you are planning on riding it.

93 Mont Valin, same thing, during the week you have a better shot at a good ride.

We haven't been further east this year but Jeff and Sandy were posting what they found.

1 mile from Roquemont you will cross the river. Just before it you will see the new bridge going in.

Happy trails.

Jack and Sandy

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