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Looking to do a three night trip


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We would be leaving from Colebrook NH, crossing into Quebec at the Beecherfalls crossing. We would like to do about 150 miles per day and re-enter through the Pittsburg NH crossing. If you have any suggestions on places to stay and best routes to take, we would be very grateful for your input. Thanks

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Just to throw something out.  First night in Thetford Mines and the second night in Lac Megantic.  That is within striking distance from the border for the first and last day.  The ride for the middle day from Thetford Mines to Lac Megantic is too short so you could ride out to the Relais in Beauceville for lunch and add a few miles to that day.  I would tend to go east more than west.  The conditions and trails I think are usually better.  Grab a trail map and see what hotels advertise on it.  They will be more snowmobile friendly than others.

We don't normally stay in that area but we did stay once at Auberge Sur le Lac in Lac Megantic (I think) and it was good.

If you could truck into Quebec to say St Georges, it would open up a lot more territory and options.

Jack & Sandi

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