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  1. thanks for the kind words guys! This is my first attempt at restoring a sled so your positive feedback means a lot.
  2. Still have more to do but it's starting to look like a sled again.
  3. Happy Birthday! Maybe i'll see you in Quebec next week
  4. Crazysnow I was there the week before Christmas and it was great! Stayed in Grand Marais went over to paradise, had lunch at the falls, and then over to munising. Over 360 miles in two days. Going to Quebec feb 7th to the 16th. If you are up there then let me know maybe we can meet up for day of riding?
  5. Any word on if the 322 in Bouchette will be open this year? That's my lifeline to the trail system from our place on Lac Roddick.
  6. Hey Crazysnow, we didnt make it to Clova this year because the rain storm forced us to change plans last minute. We ended up staying at Notawissi for the week and doing day trips. Gashog and I did a very nice 210 mile loop trip north out of Notawissi to Fer De Cheval, east to 100 Lacs, south to Mekoos, west to Ste Anne Du Lac, and then back North to Notawissi. The Mach gave me a little trouble on one of the coldest days, it died while crossing a lake. Gashog was towing me back to Notawissi when he said we should try starting it again. I was skeptical but we tried and it started. I think it was some water in the gas that worked it way through because it ran great the rest of the week.
  7. Trails are great around Fer de cheval!
  8. I hope we get some snow by sunday because thats when we leave from maniwaki north to clova. The MACH 1 only goes the most prestine trails!
  9. good meeting u hope your back is alright nice machine it brought back some memories