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  1. Thanks again now that east Maine may has all the snow it's gonna be difficult to decide! But the allure of route 3 up to Fairmont from four corners has been an obsession for some time. Is that about three hours? Seeing they have a Holiday express up there. Seeing Anne ski resort from there other side always fascinated me. One last quest for now sorry Change of topic.Anyone going to nh, Maine and Vermont this weekend? Trying to remember what it costs to regy in nh.?
  2. Gonna check it out. Doing vegan, and tuff finding places to eat!!
  3. Yes saw that it's 150. For Monday nite at fairmont. Was always on bucket list.Xl;) hear mixed reviews about that place. Nice to be near nite life. But 4 points is swell. No restaurants right there. .149. Nite For Friday and sat. Would like to saddle out of 4 points someplace better than montgamny. Or like Mt laurier. Also the mt diable mountain was nice restaurant at summit. Yes a little far and different area.
  4. Thank you much! They .... wanted Fairmont but that is overkill. As long as locked pen I can sleep. And this early in season just don't wanna take a chance when everyone is going to maine.
  5. Thanks will do bucks is in my front yard. Gona do a quick trip to Quebec City and see glacé hotel they ....wanted Fairmont but gonna settle for 4 point??Just don't want trouble w/truck and trailer. Funny that all people i know who live in Quebec are down in Dover Florida.
  6. Also my two riders have also disappeared. From pa area!
  7. Had anyone stayed there recently. Hoping to go for feb early in week. Usually go to montgamy.. But trying to break in a novice sledder! Thanks!
  8. Hello also from pa. My 2 friends also evaporated. Going to Quebec City?? Four Points has anyone had bad experience there? Feb 6, 15. Please pm! If anyone has interest.For others trips! Ty