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  1. Be careful tomorrow morning on Rt. 81 North of Syracuse. It might actually be closed in the morning??? There is a Blizzard Warning in effect until 1am Thursday. After that a Storm Warning until 7am Friday. Spots on the Tug Hill Plateau are expecting 3 to 4 feet of snow.
  2. The local law enforcement can be opportunistic as well. Four of us went up three weeks ago on a backpacking trip. Riding from Shawinigan heading towards St Tite on a Saturday morning we passed through a checkpoint monitored by two trail cops on two sleds. No big deal we are all legit. I'd say 3-4 miles later as we appoach an intersection I looked back and realize the last two sleds in our group just got pulled over by the same cops. Apparently they felt there was more money to be had pulling Americans over for speeding than checking for permits. What I find even better to this story is the fact that our group of four sleds where following 5 Canadian sleds, all two ups. It took them that long to get my friends going 10 km's over the speed limit. I'd say they were more confused as to why they were being pulled over than pissed at first. Then the tickets came in the mail with a fine that will exceed $300. Since when do they mail you the ticket? I got a speeding ticket years ago in Quebec actually coming off a 20 plus mile lake and it was given to me on the spot. That's a whole different story but not for today. I will always continue to go back to Quebec because to me it's the very definition of snowmobiling. I'll have to wait until next year to see if two of my buddies will be joining me? In my opinion there are all kinds of thieves!
  3. Coming up tomorrow and the "wait and see" scenario does not bode well on a 5 day backpacking trip. The map that shows the trails closed along the St Lawrence is better than nothing? I've called a couple clubs and they say.. yeah so far the trails are open.
  4. If an agreement does not happen immediately will the trails close on the 1st or the 6th? I've seen different reports.
  5. Tell me about it. Four of us have a five day backpacking trip planned and day 5 falls on February 6th...the first day of the proposed closure! Three of the four nights we can't move because outfitters / hotels are full the times we are there. I guess we'll have to cross our fingers and hope there is some sort of resolution or find someone to bring our trailer to us as the trails around Maniwaki or those in jeopardy? The upside is trail conditions are excellent.
  6. I realize this run is approximately 260 miles and I've read there are at least three fuel opportunities? Can somebody confirm distance between fuel. Is there any food on the way? I'm assuming this can easily be made in daylight, 8-4. No problem running 60-70 with quicker bursts. Look forward to hearing everyone's thoiughts.
  7. Heading north in a couple weeks and starting out of Mt Laurier. Is there anywhere in town that is relatively safe to park and ride? I'm not sure if the hotels will allow us to park if we are not staying. Willing to pay if it makes a difference. I could be talked into Maniwaki if that is a "safer" start location? My other question is the route between Mekoos and Sacacomie. I'd like to take a northern route 53-33-345-23 but my concern is fuel. I know the trail maps don't always show all the options and was hoping for some help. Thanks as always.
  8. Bill, I should be all set. Placed my order for trail passes a few minutes ago. All we need now is continued cold and snow!
  9. Bill, How does one forward the the sled and other personal information to you?
  10. I've made the trip from Shawinigan to Quebec City before and knew the timeline. I just didn't want to be surprised between there and the Fairmont. The good news is that we'll be riding on a Tuesday so the trails should be as good as they're going to be. I appreciate everyone's comments.
  11. Planning a late February trip which will consist of 4 days of riding. My concern is the time it will take between LeMalbaie , staying at the Fairmont, back to Shawinigan? Via Explora shows the shortest distance at 216 miles. I would not be concerned if I was riding trials up north. Most of the riding will be on trail 3 for this leg which should be pretty quick? Can this be done in 8 hours? As a reference: Day one Shawinigan to Quebec City, Four Points Sheraton. Second day Quebec City to Mt Valin, Carcajou. Third day Mt Valin to LeMalbaie, Fairmont. I look forward to hearing eveyones thoughts.
  12. I appreciate everyones comments. The greens it is! As for the gas I don't want to leave anything to chance. Yes, two of the sleds will have extra fuel but it gets awfully lonely after dark. Last question, and I know it's a few days away, how can the forecast be calling for frozen precipitation and not snow when the daily highs are 10 F?
  13. Coming up later next week and doing a couple loops. I will be based out of Shawinigan staying the first night at the Four Points Sheraton, Quebec City then Roberval back to Shawinigan before heading over to Lac Taureau and back. My questions are around fuel stops between Quebec City and Roberval and Fuel between Roberval and La Tuque? I was told L Etape has fuel and if it's easy to get to I should be in good shape. Is it easy to find and are there other options? Coming back to Shawinigan through La Tuque is my next question? Should I go 355 or 83 - 73 to La Tuque? The western route in longer but being a Trans-Quebec trail should be faster? Better yet what trail would be a better experience? If I go west there is fuel at Relais 22 which should work. If I take 355 I believe there is gas at Domaine Lac Edward and Lac Bouchette? Sorry for all the questions but in past trips I always did day trips and this time we want to see more of Quebec's trails especially a bit north. The Lac Taureau leg has plenty of options. is there anything that I should not miss? I look forward to hearing everyone thoughts.