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  1. Spitzna, how was it up there? I am headed up end of Feb/early March.
  2. Question on a 3 day pass, do they mark down the time like Maine does? Reason being if I buy a pass upon my arrival at 2pm it allows you to ride that afternoon, 2 full days and up until 2pm the last day the it expires. Please let me know as we are planning a trip. Thank you,
  3. This is a great thread as I am heading up there on March 2nd. Hopefully the snow holds up and we don't have to cancel. Where is the best place for honest up to date trail conditions on that area? Any suggestions on some 200 +/- day loops out of there?
  4. Thank you Lindasledgirl, I will check that out on my map. I would like to do a 3 day saddlebag loop but don't have enough info/experience in that area yet. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Fuse6, I tried a search and my thread is the only one that comes up. My buddy came across a Best Western that looks pretty decent downtown, although AI don't know if they offer secure parking. Do you know the names of any of the lodges North of town? Right now there is only 2 of us going, we like to ride 150 - 200 miles a day. Let me know. Thank you John
  5. Looking to plan a 3 trip into the Mont Laurier Region, what can you tell me?
  6. Can you download the map for a Garmin on the fmcq site?
  7. Looking to do a similar ride next weekend, leaving from Jackman too. Where is " Armstrong club house" for a bfast stop? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  8. I will be leaving from Jackman in 4 weeks, how was the customs leaving and then returning? Wondering how time we need to budget for that on "Free Weekend". Great pics!
  9. Hello all, I am new to this forum. I will be in Jackman Maine during the Free Quebec weekend of January 21 & 22nd and would like to try the trails in the Chaudiere Appalaches area. I was told that we just stop at the 1st club house after we go thru customs and get a pass. I have a couple questions. I have proof of my liability insurance in the US 50,000/100,000, is that enough to ride in Quebec? Any idea of how long it takes to get thru customs? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Holidays. John