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  1. Mike it was great to get back up to Quebec after a few year Hiatis. Funny part was I can still ride that area without using a map, lol!
  2. You would have met Rob Gardner (Early Rider) He is in Alaska now, the Iron Dog starts this coming sunday. Once back from Alaska he will be home for about 2 weeks and head to Labrador to race in Cain's Quest. Should be intersting. See more on our website or Facebook Page. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=605101471&ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Team-Maine-Racing/44258434735
  3. Got a chance to ride into Chaudiere Appalaches last weekend, quick 2 day ride with my son, my friend Rusty and his son. Rode a loop from Jackman up and around a long way to Montmagny and spent the night at the Econo Lodge and then a longer loop back to Jackman on Sunday. We had a great time, it was my son's first trip riding his own sled into Quebec and Rusty and his son's first trip to Quebec so they had fun seeing some sights and enjoying the trails I have talked so much about over the years. Also ran into some old friends at the St. Sabine Clubhouse. Also ran into Smclelan at the bar at the Econo Lodge. Great to meet you guys!
  4. Lack of Snow and cold Temps along the coast forced the Cain's Quest committee to change the route for the 2011 Cain's Quest. As many of you know the 2010 Race was postponed due to the warm up on the coast for the proposed race route they planned to run the same route for 2011. Now with the lack of decent conditions they have changed the route. The Racers will now be headed to the 59th Parallel. Team Maine Racing Can't wait to go!
  5. Needless to say it was a major blow to many but the race committee made the right choice given the conditions
  6. thanks guys!! Lot of updates on our site already, including the blown motor in one of the races sleds that happened this morning. www.teammaineracing.net Info on the other teams from maine and elsewhere welcome
  7. The Start of Cain's Quest is less then a week away. ER (rob) and one of the crew members left last night to go up to Lab City, MaineCorrado (Rich) & several more of the crew are leaving on Tuesday and then 3 more are flying up on Thursday Team Maine is the more prepared then either of the past 2 years, a bigger support crew and with the our past experience we look forward to competing in this years race with some of the best endurance racers you will find. The course is 300 plus miles longer, going further north and further east out to the coast. The challenges will be greater then ever before and more risk involved. We can not say enough to thank all of the supporters we have online and other places that give the racers and support crews the drive to compete as hard as the do. With Out our supports Team Maine Racing is nothing! Please go to our website as we will be trying to do all updates there to make it easier on us then trying to post them all over the net in all the forums that follow us. We also have pictures of the 2009 Ski Doo XP 800 Renegade - Team Maine Editions on our site. Thanks The Crew at Team Maine Racing
  8. New Team Maine Racing Trailer built by Sno Pro Trailers. Trailer Wrap was designed by Logan Feeny of Sno Pro Trailers, Printed by SledWraps.com and installed by Dennis Carrier of Carrier Signs. I will have more pics up on our site.
  9. Hey Howard! I hear from chad you guys have been out beating the bushes as usual and having a good time doing it. Hope all is well with everything. We appreciate the help!
  10. From Left to Right Early rider, Mainecorrado and Dblacks
  11. That is one of the best areas to ride in!
  12. Team Maine racing has been very busy with Planning and preparing, this economy has made it hard as well as other issues but what would a year without issues be. As some of you may know, the race course is longer by at least 300 miles if not more like 400 this year going further North and East out to the coast We have a New Flagship sponsor in Coutts Bros and Also Sno Pro Trailers has stepped up to build a trailer that fits our Needs. Hats off to these guys as it has been awesome to have 2 Major sponsors that are excited about The Race, Team Maine and want to get there hands right into things to help us in whatever way they can!! We will be unvailing the new Trailer with a complete wrap on it soon thanks to Sledwraps.com We are again raising funds for Pine Tree Camp and have raised over $6000 to date for them. We have many levels of sponsorship as usual which include a pit Crew Level and a Honarary member level just for the guys on the internet forums that enjoy being part of the Team. There are links to them on the front age of our site. If anyone isnt already on our mailing list for our News Letters please email me your info at Dana@teammaineracing.net We are greatly looking forward to Cain's Quest 2009 and the support of all the guys at home yelling at thier computers is what drives us more then we can ever explain in words!
  13. Great to meet you Bill as usually I am not in the region when you are. DB
  14. I will see you at MSA show this weekend!