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  1. Big White Tour

    Yes Mac, IPhone and IPads are all Apple products. The program installs but it will not allow me to zoom any closer then the entire area view which shows me almost half of quebec. If I attempt to zoom it malfunctions and kicks me back to the entire area view. This is the only view I get. Not sure about you folks but it sure doesn't help me any.
  2. Big White Tour

    Yeah from St Felix to Matagami it's about 175kms. Santa got me a LinQ can for my tunnel this year just in case.
  3. Big White Tour

    Yeah there's actually an android version and an IOS version for Apple. Unfortunately I own a Mac, IPhone, and Ipad so it is useless to me as it doesn't work on any of my devices.
  4. Big White Tour

    I tried it but it won’t work on my iPhone or iPad. The app will not allow me to zoom in so it shows me half the province.
  5. Big White Tour

    Thanks every one
  6. Big White Tour

    The Amos club advised that the only place for fuel between Amos and Matagami is in St. Felix de Delquier which leaves 193km's with no fuel.
  7. Big White Tour

    What about fuel between Val D'or and Ville Marie taking trail 309?
  8. Big White Tour

    Is there fuel between Mattagami and Amos? My second day is going to be from Rouyn-Noranda to Matagami. I cant see fuel on the map north of Amos and distance looks to be around 200kms. I don’t want to bring fuel with me unless I would absolutely need to.
  9. Big White Tour

    This is from the Abitibi-Temiscamingue site under maps, routes and circuits
  10. Big White Tour

    That's good to know. I may just cross over in New Liskeard, Ontario then.
  11. Big White Tour

    I am planning on doing the Big White Tour staging in North Bay, Ontario and crossing into Quebec in Temiscaming or Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Does anyone have suggestions on places to stay or avoid when doing this loop? Thanks
  12. First loop around the gaspe

    I used to carry a 5L gas can on my 800 for oil. Was enough for all my saddlebag trips and jug didn't leak or bust apart like the small containers usually did.