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  1. Trail Conditions

    Bill, Bob and I are looking at coming back up in March. Depending on schedules we are looking at the one of the last 2 weeks in March. What are your thoughts on what conditions will be like? should we shoot for one week or the other, or will it not mater to much. Storm is slowly finishing up down here with somewhere around 12-16". extended forcast calling for more on Saturday and possibly another big one Sunday into Monday. Mark
  2. Trail Conditions

    JAK, It was great riding with you. Hopefully we can hook up for some more rides later on. Bob and I are headed to the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in Feb with the wives, that way they will have things to do while we hit the trails. We can let you know when we are headed back to the Delta and maybe it will work for you to join us again.
  3. Trail Conditions

    Bill, How's the riding? feeling better now. How did you make out with the Sled? Bob and I had a great time meeting everyone and the riding was fantastic. here is a picture on the Sommet Dos de Cheval.
  4. Trail Conditions

    A grand adventure was had, however some faired better than others. Bill's spirit is good, body a little rough but he will heal and move on to more adventures.
  5. Looking at a couple of trips up in the Saguenay area. Was wondering what the best months are for riding? Just thinking of purchasing a season pass and planning more than one visit and wondered what the conditions are like early on and where to go. Thanks
  6. High Octane availability

    Very Good, thanks for the quick reply.
  7. High Octane availability

    Looking to do couple rides in Canada this year and was wondering if 91 octane or higher is available off major trails? Looking at the Saguenay area and the gaspe area's. Thanks