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  1. Location near 1000 island

    Thanks for the responses! Was kind of hoping to not have to go that far!!-Mached, sounds like fun but I don't have the time off for that right now
  2. Location near 1000 island

    Was wondering with the "free" weekend upcoming' where the best conditions close to the 1000 island bridge are? Would like to possibly make quick trip Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Gaspe Conditions Feb 20-25

    Iceman- couldn't respond to your pm; but no problem everything is good we love Quebec and will definitely be back. Sorry it took me so long to reply, been away all week working.
  4. Gaspe Conditions Feb 20-25

    We like the guided tour because we like having our luggage in the room when we get to each hotel, we like pay one price and have meals included and it's nice knowing the truck is there in case of break downs.
  5. Gaspe Conditions Feb 20-25

    Thanks Jackstraw- We rode with a large guided group and the tour operator set up the time.If we ever go back on our own I will take your advice into consideration!!
  6. Gaspe Conditions Feb 20-25

    Jack and Sandi, Thank you for the welcome! I have been a lurker for a couple years now and enjoy the site very much. We have ridden in Quebec several times before and never had bad trails before, in fact that is why we ride there.The Gaspe was a trip we were really looking forward to, but I have to call em as I see um.I was disappointed and I was hoping to warn anyone else who might be planning on making the trip, that for what ever reason, the grooming there for the last week(Feb 20- 25) was less than up to P.Q. standards!We still plan to ride the Charlevoix region next year.Iceman sorry if I ruffled your feathers but my intent was to use this site to help other people by posting what we found! I enjoy Quebec very much, but I know there are other good places to ride and I don't want anyone to spend money and find bumpy trails- I thought posting realistic information was what this site was about!
  7. Gaspe Conditions Feb 20-25

    Well we just got back from a trip to the Gaspe. We started in Matane went east around the coast and then back through the interior from New Richmond. We rode 750 miles and found less than 100 of them groomed!We could have stayed in New York and found more groomed miles.On the positive side the group we rode with were great and the scenery was fantastic.This is the first trip to Quebec we probably will never repeat, we trailered 650 miles and could have found better conditions much closer.So Americans SAVE YOUR MONEY and stay home!