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  1. Looks like the trails are shaping up nicely. Friday can't come soon enough for me !!
  2. Mike,

    How are things shaping up?

  3. That's what I meant. It was late ! Lol
  4. One more Quote for the night to break into the 2,000 Range !!
  5. Looks like plenty of Snow for me !!!
  6. Hoping by Friday the Trails improve, its a long Haul to be disappointed.
  7. We have them already and also the Heated Garages too for the week., I was just curious if that was them?
  8. The picture with sleds in parking lot next to rooms with sliding glass doors, are those the ones you can get at Universal in RDL?
  9. Thank you, hope the snow holds out up there..
  10. Mike we are coming up on the 20th till the 26th for the first time and staying at the Universal. When do you leave? Andy