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  1. Bflofnst

    Zrtkat is in Matagami

    zrtkat, did you ride center or right trail up to Matagami? We are in valdor now and both trails are showing not grommed in a long time
  2. Bflofnst

    Shawinigan Weather

    Thanks, Saguenay's weather has gone downhill since last night and this morning. As of right now we are scouting western Quebec which does not seem like its going to get the warm weather.
  3. Bflofnst

    Shawinigan Weather

    Does anybody have local insight on the weather for Shawinigan for the next three days? Driving there on Sunday 2/18 and leaving on 2/19 heading for the Delta. Worried about conditions and the rain they are calling for on Monday-Wednesday. Getting back to the trucks on Friday 2/23 might be a problem also. Thanks
  4. Bflofnst

    Motel in Shawinigan

    Hello everybody, long time follower of Quebec rider, first time posting. We are coming up to Shawinigan on 2/18, riding up to the delta the next day to do some day rides for three days, then going back to Shawinigan on 2/23. We got into Auberge Drakkar on the 18th, however they r full on the 23rd. My question is about the Hotel Marineau in Shawinigan. Safe to leave trucks and trailers there for five days? Any other suggestions? We are driving from Buffalo and trying to keep the drive to 10 hours.