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  1. COBRA...someone going bought a Garmen E Trex 20 gps...where did you get the Quebec or any maps to down load for that matter...never needed gps before we know where we ride. We have several better half's going and the easier the trip the better...thats why I was looking for all this info.....
  2. Anyone know if the FCMQ Interactive Map needs internet connection to work? I read somewhere that it doesn't but that doesn't make sense to me... Also doing the ride I posted about is there cell service along the way, is it spotty or just none until you are close to bigger towns?? Thanks for all the info so far..................
  3. Thanks Pipemaster...have any or a few tips on the Carnival??
  4. Anyone know where to exchange money or the first place to do so over the border from Jackman??
  5. good to did cross my mind Cnc...No OUI's... Hitting gas stations along the way are no issue to make it to Levis and then to Signature? keep the good info coming thank you
  6. Headed from Jackman Maine to Quebec City (February) for Winter Carnival/riding/whatever. Never been across into Canada and there going to be 8 sleds. "Planning" to stay at Hotel Signature (yes-no-maybe?) and going to be a 3 day trip. Looking for help/tips/suggestions on: the trip in general, crossing from Jackman and obtaining trail permit, best-easiest-most direct trail/route, crossing St Lawrence, things to see-sled to, trail conditions, do's and don'ts etc. Been on FCMQ but looking for the info that makes the trip better/easier/smoother that someone has from experience. Another forum recommended this site and to speak to Magnus but just joined and can't figure out how to PM. Can anyone provide the tips I'm looking for or any suggestions whatsoever?