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  1. Nimrod

    first run

    How is 308 from whaltham to minawaki. Is it open yet. Thanks
  2. Nimrod

    Trail 308

    Thanks Mid Range Heading that way next week.
  3. Nimrod

    Trail 308

    Thanks fore the info. If you hear any different or if things change please let me know. Thanks again Jerry
  4. Nimrod

    Trail 308

    Will 308 connect Whaltham and Gracefield this year. Planning trip and maps show missing section of trail. Thanks Jerry
  5. Is that trail still there. it was a nice shortcut going east.
  6. Nimrod


    Looking for place to stay for 6 of us close to Squatec. Any sugestions Thanks
  7. Nimrod

    La Cache

    Hi Groomer. Heading your way again and wondered if gas will be available at La Cache. Will trail be open to Murdocville. I know this isnt your area but you seem to get the best info. Where would you stay in Causapscal. 6 of us will be there Feb. This year will go to see snow trees. Thanks again
  8. Doing trip in march and looking for lodging arround Belleterre.or Rapide Sept. Any help wpold be appreciated.
  9. Nimrod


    Hey Groomer last year you posted pics of all little white trees somewhere in your area. Will be there in Feb and would like to see that. Can you post directions Many Thanks
  10. thank Groomer will be doing trip first week in feb. Think lots of snow
  11. Any news re open this winter and will fuel be available. Thanks
  12. We are from Ontario and go to PQ every year. I would recommend Gaspe for your first trip. You will be in heaven and spoiled forever. Its really worth the drive.
  13. Nimrod

    Trail 597

    Is this trail going to open this week. I heard bridges are almost fixed. Any info would be helpful Thanks Jerry
  14. Nimrod


    I sure hope its snowing now. My best to you and family for the holidays.