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  1. J.K.L.M construction in process of being put together for all or you renovations landscaping and excavation call me or send me an email thank you

  2. not a cast on my rod or a bbq I make nor a snomobile I start that you dont cross my mind continue watching over all of us lead us the right way and smile upon us when we need it love you bud Zum Wohl

  3. Miss you lots dude

  4. no im not how about you

  5. hello ARE YOU READY ?

  6. when I was up last weekend beforeit rained I didnt think thats where the trail went so I continued down the lake then the next day I did the loop the other way and came down it there was no snow on that hill or that section was real rough did they get more snow this week
  7. no problem I might be working to Peter called me today and I missed his call
  8. Peter gave me a bunch of flyers to put around so I put a bunch at Action Motorsports and some at Newman in pierrefonds ill see you up there I guess
  9. Krad


    hey brion sorry bout not getting back too you I ended up getting real busy and left and forgot about the pases but Peter was on the lake sdo i bought them off him was sledding all weekend was only rough from the macdonald trail that just is being finished was missing lotsa of snow now everything is slush gonna take a while till we go out again
  10. went well was nice for the first time out this year we rode around veudruiel a bit up to hudson back on the water then back home was a georgouse night couple flurries warm too
  11. I cant wait to get my sledup and running and go for a ride hopefully in two weeks i should be able to hit the trails
  12. my cottage is on lake brewer the same lake as peter haldimand ive known him my wholelife
  13. good day there grumpy santa name is Konrad id loveto ride with ya but only late january as im working on my sled right now i am a younger guy 26 yrs old but love goin on trips and i do snow removal so i have time off during the week often to go
  14. was up in pine hill on the weekend they wont send the groomer out till they get another 20 cm so i was told and there might be alot of maintenance because of the freezing rain may have to trim alot of branches