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  1. Well, certainly apologize for the foul language, didn't mean to paint a broad brush over all of the people in Quebec, certainly wasn't the intent, but try hard, you'll get over it. No harm done. 2 trucks and 2 trailers, one of the trucks had a club on the steering wheel, the other, well, the one thing left laying on the garage floor that was forgotten was, well, you guessed it, a club for the steering wheel!!! So i guess that's why was such an easy target. As I am sure you can all understand the frustration level, what makes it even worse is the "I could really not care" attitude from the Police, and yes you have heard that comment many times so I am sure you can understand. Any more questions?
  2. Well, it appears that the place to NOT stay in Quebec this year is............. (drum roll please),................. Drummondville!! So if you scumbags are reading this. Thank you for stealing our truck and trailer so we had to come home in a U-haul after saddlebagging for a week only to get back to hotel to find vehicle and trailer were gone. Oh, and by the way, Police reported 4 other vehicles stolen that week in the area. They seemed really concerned about it too. F--- You Quebec!
  3. very important to keep those tires inflated at proper pressure EVERY time you tow, should be 90 P.S.I. worked well for me. 4500 miles on my new Worthington and hardly any wear at all. Gotta check every time. I have a Lippert axle on my 2 place.
  4. Well, does anybody want to take a guess on how much the 2016 Season Trail Passes will be? You would think that with the obvious downward trend of Americans coming to Canada, especially Quebec, that raising prices would not be the right thing to do. I was at places the beginning of February and was told we were the first Americans there. Feel bad for the business owners as to what is happening to them.
  5. I know, this is a snowmobiling site, but hey, the snow is all gone, but we all love Quebec no matter what the season is so lets see some pix from you guys out on your wheelers and dual sport pix out on the Gaspe' or anywhere in Quebec. As soon as I can figure out how to post, I will as well. I know GROOMER!!! has some pictures, don't be shy now!!
  6. I don't know you, but I LOVE your pix, so we're counting on you all summer to keep us alive and to continue to post all of those beautiful pictures to keep us sane when it's 85 degrees out. Even some summer pix from back in the mountains so some of us "Dual-Sport" riders can enjoy the Canadian scenery!!!
  7. Has anybody ever rode a dual-sport around the Gaspe' in the summertime? I can only imagine how beautiful the two interior trails are in the summer, (595 and 597). Would like to do some exploring in the summer on my KLR, is it worth coming up for a week to do it? And also, can a dual-sport run the ATV trails in Quebec? Thanks!