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  1. this is just too good to be true me and the boys from maine are thinking about going up to mt valin on may 6 weekend dors anyone think there will be snow to boondock on i know some of you guys said you were going up let us know do you think we can unload at the ski area thanks guys turbo jim
  2. just back from the valins the snow is so deep that it looks good for a couple more weeks I sure hate to throw the towel in for this season but its time to go golfing in the carolinas thank you canada for all the fun canada is the only place on the planet to ride thank you turbo jim
  3. I know the trails are getting soft but has anyone been through 23 to the HI planning to go wednesday the 23rd to the 26th from st raymond or are better off trailering to lac st jean by truck and starting from there . thanks
  4. hey there is no snow left so we are just looking for a reason to go back to quebec!!!! any advice for us maine boys would be greatly appreciated!! thanks alot turbo jim
  5. I just cant stand the thought of not riding my sled until next december so if there is any place left this Maine boy might just trailer one more time I shore that I am just dreaming thanks turbojim
  6. well we made our final trip to quebec march 10th 11th 12th trails were all good ! :good:trans quebec 35 from armagh to rivere de loup should hold up another week or so 35 through tourville for about 30 miles has not been groomed for a while :wacko: too bad this stretch really ruin a perfect to end to our season! around rdl will be getting thin but day trips from the truck should be o.k. my Maine boys and I would like to thank all our friends in Canada for a great place to ride and have fun there is no other place like it anywhere and cannot wait to explore more next year have a great summer see you next year turbo jim
  7. just wondering trail con. to river de loup
  8. just checking on conditions me and the boys are going on the 10th 11th 12th of march any comments would be great
  9. the riding is great on trans quebec 55 we rode across 549 to trans quebec 35 railroad bed to 55 back down trans quebec 5 to 551 and back to lac etchemin230 miles alot of snow just needs the groomer on 35 7 hours will get you around this loop looks like more snow is on the way my maine group will be going back next tuesday the9th 10th 11th to river de loup hope to see you on the trail just keep it to the right ha ha ha