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  1. good luck with that, seems like way northern ontario got some fresh but they have had some meltdowns as per friends up in timmins and northbay?
  2. I just heard from a possible riding friend, he went a few weeks ago for the first time. he may be able to go on this trip, not sure yet. if it falls thru with him i could re-arrange to a saturday thru tuesday trip if people want to ride! post tuesday looks to be a warm up in the monts, 50f+ weather.......darn......
  3. a link to my webcam there i installed and sponsor use PassionQc for both user and password. note the capital P and Q choose mobile phone for viewing no matter what device you are on, easiest to view
  4. Mont Valin Quebec has had an epic year for snow. I have been up several times this year, as soon as all last week. 2 to 3 feet oF base on the trails but in the woods several feet and the cool neverending powerlines are WELL covered. If you havnt ever done off trail riding then spring riding is the easiest. its hero snow yet still tons of fun. a short track with a decent track will go places now that 1 month ago you wouldnt dare. DAYTIME TEMPS ALL 3 DAYS IN THE MONTS ARE 35 TO 40 AND NIGHT TEMPS BELOW FREEZING My typical riding buds are all back to work for the spring and i am in my slower season now (atv-dirt shocks) looking for 1 to 3 guys to go asap.leaving very early friday am, ride 4 or 5 hrs friday in the daylight, saturday and sunday, leave early monday for home I COULD EVEN LEAVE HERE TOMMORROW/THURSDAY AT 5 OR 6PM BUT THAT MEANS WE GET IN VERY LATE----- from my house, 12871 zip in NY its 8 hrs on the nose, 90% hwy to get there i get very good lodging deals and also have a webcam installed this year up there. great for scenarios like yesterday and today. its raining in saguenay but 30 mins up in the mountainsits all snow! lodging is 50 to 65 per night, depends on guys. cell and internet available, I have the trail pass thing covered too for you. hardly anyone riding but locals heading to camps and mountain riders/guides. here is a youtube of this past weekend out the lines by PAT BIL, a guide up there. sick steep hills but if they intimidate you there is always a feeder trail around. a few pics of his of the weekend. call me if interested, i am IN for one last 2.5 day ride, it would be well worth it! 518-320-5704 I have a rig and a trailer waiting! YOU NEED EITHER AN ENHANCED ID OR A PASSPORT WITH NO CRIMINAL RECORD IN LAST 10 YEARS
  5. sorry for long awaited reply steve, but the trip sunmday thru last thursday saw perfect trails on 93 in the monts but choppy 93 heading to saguenay, orange trails pretty darn good too in the monts tons of trail is moreso what the trip was, a mixed bag of great trails and great side trail-off trail
  6. i'm heading up in less than 24 hrs but was curious. i think i'll know before you steve. will let you know! dave, central vt, mountains around rutland and such are excellent, rode there 3 times this week. some friends rode all thru VT on a trip, most part excellent snow! you're lucky
  7. will there be grooming after the festival in the monts and mountain trails, anyone know? or has it ceased now until some touch before the festival?
  8. i will be up there again too soon, leaving a day or so prior! should have planned better..... do you have an idea when the grooming will end in the monts and saguenay? the snow is so deep and temps so favorable for some time it appears? last year they quit around 4/1 i think and the year prior much earlier
  9. PassionQc not -Qu- I am hoping to have an easier way to view the camera soon instead of a few clicks being needed
  10. the one that pops up, this one, PassionQc its the user and the pass we hope to have it live streaming without the extra 2 steps but configuration has just begun and it isnt as easy as I thought to do. it will get nailed down soon, for now just an extra step!
  11. finally! It's complete! I supplied a webcam for Lise and Vincent at Passion Quebec. This took some time and help from my friend Yann from Alma,QC to get installed and up and running. I believe this is the first live webcam on Monts Valin at Le Valinouet. goto this link *click on "passion quebec camera" *enter the password the same as the user name, capital letters as needed- take note please ------ PassionQc *then, choose whichever viewing software for your device needed! I felt this was a good for both my business and Passion Quebec. Lise & Vincent are VERY nice people who cater to snowmobiliers in the winter paradise of the Saguenay region. Please contact them for very reasonable rates on accomodations per night or for the week please contact me for trail/off trail adventure guided rides as well in the Valin region when I am there (which is often!).
  12. great riding weather this friday thru monday or tuesday, trying to get a couple people to go, may have 1 fiend, not sure yet 2.5 full days of riding, primo deep snow on and off trail fun! EMAIL or call me if interested the cabin is fully equipped, sleeps 4 to 6 and is 50 to 75 per person per night depending on how many people come! AND.......its the free weekend in quebec, so just a cheap 1 day pass and you are OK
  13. all info on my site anyone interested in a last minuite trip this week? email or call me
  14. nope, wasnt kidding and wasnt breaking any rules either iceman was fun to speak with each day, he had his hands full for a bit guiding but was loving the snow, living the dream!