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  1. How is the crossing at chute de blondeau? Have buddy's flying up from out west, and we are supposed to ride from Ottawa to Lac-des-Seize-Iles. Looks like we might luck out with the snow this week, but not sure where we can cross safely this year. Really wanted to cross at Papineauville, but can't find anyone who know about there. Do you?
  2. St. Sauveur is NOT a snowmobile destination. Great skiing, eating, shopping, but not snowmobiling. THere are some great trails running very close by however in towns like Ste-Adolphe-d'Howard or St Agathe des Monts. St. Donat is only a little further, and is a very snowmobile friendly town, also with great skiing, eating, shopping (well not so much) and would definately be my choice if I was heading up there with say my wife who wanted to ski instead of sledding, I would ne pushing for that. You are also only minutes away for Parc Mt. Tremblant which is an experience for sure. How did you come up with Sauveur?
  3. Can anyone give me a suggestion for a nice, clean, safe, to stay in Maniwaki? We have never been there before, so don't really know what to expect.
  4. Is there a reliable place to get this information? The FCMQ site says it is open the whole way. including places that have been closed for the past couple of years like 16Isles to Weir Hard to plan trips when you don't know where you can go.
  5. Wow, that is really sad news. Sorry to hear it. Hard to believe we have come to that as a society. Hope the damage turns out to be not too bad. Friggin' LOSERS!!
  6. Thanks!! Opened the attachment, I usually go up 381 and not through the park. I was planning on going to Auberge 31KM this weekend, but apparently they have on ly got 2" of snow. 2' and I would be there, but 2" is too hard on the sled. It was pretty disappointing news, since I try to go on my "birthday" weekend and that would have been this weekend, since my birthday was yesterday. BUt maybe I could go to this park? are there hotels nearby?
  7. Well, I'll join in. I live in Ottawa, but spend Every weekend in the Laurentians (close to Ste-Agathe-des-Monts) Here are a couple of shots of the cottage.
  8. Hey Switchback, Where is the Laurentide Park exactly? It isn't north of Mtl is it?
  9. The reason I am looking for those years is to match his old (now his sister's) 2001 120 and my 01 600.