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Global Warming


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Things are quiet around here...Is global warming true? Or are you sticking with the el-nino theory for another year? Mt Valin last thanksgiving was a washout, a reschedule to Dec 14, was still poor [see pic]. The last 2 years, it's was raining in mid January. The first week of March also has been bringing rain. I know, 5 years ago [or whenever] it rained in February, but this seems less than random...

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I believe in the little Ice Age theory myself,i t will be caused by global warming.

I seen it a few times on the History channel,

When enough of the polar caps melt and flood the gulf stream with fresh water, it will cause it to shut down. Hence, triggering an ice age.

Either way, it won't be good. Life as we know it will change for everyone.

Edit, The movie, The Day After Tomorow was based on this theory!

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