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Saint Michel-Des- Saints Conditions

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Hello, how is it looking around Mont Laurier over to St, Michel?

Think of heading up this Wednesday - Sunday Hotels say trails are open and groomers are going out probably one last time over the weekend...

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Trail 63 is acceptable.

March 18th, 2016

Spring conditions!

Rivière du Lièvre, Mont-Laurier : Closed
Rivière du Lièvre between Mekoos and
Ste-Anne-du-Lac : Closed
Lac des Îles : Closed
Baskatong : Closed
Lac des Journalistes : Closed
Rivière Bazin, near Fer à Cheval : Closed
Creek Serpent, Notre-Dame-du-Laus : Closed

Be very careful and stay on the marked trails.

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You may wish to check directly with the local clubs rather than the hotel as to their grooming plans. I would think Mt Laurier and St Michel de Saints had similar tempt to us in Tremblant the last 2 weeks. Turned warm and stayed warm,40-55 f most days. We went from perfect conditions to closed trails in 4-5 days due to lake and river crossing becoming full of water and slush and run off deteriateing trails. Our lakes and river crossings are now not safe here.

It is now cold and should be for the next week but dispite snow coverage remaining I would now expect rock hard trails and many disconnects as Mcstar mentioned.

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