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Looking for suggestions......

Planning a trip to this area a couple of weeks from now. On day 1 we will be starting from Edmundston NB and plan to make our way to RDL. Days 2 and 3 we would like to travel around this area possibly heading East towards Amqui. On day 4 we will travel from ?? back to Edmundston via Biencourt / Moose Valley. 150 to 200 mile days are typical for us.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.





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Well Nber if you stick to the railbed between Edmonton and RDL you're looking at about a 2 hour run, I suggest to take some detours if you're planning to stay the night in RDL, you'll get there way too early.

Good luck

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If you want to add some extra miles getting to Riviere du Loup, come north up the RR bed (#85 in Quebec), take a right in Degelis on trail #571 and head to Squatec.

#571 off the RR bed goes through a few side streets in town but is a great trail afterwards. In Squatec is a great café for food, just a little difficult to find as you have to go down a side street to get there and it isn't well signed.

Then after Squatec continue north on #571 to Trois Pistoles (up near the St. Lawrence). Then take #5 west to Riviere du Loup. #5 west will take you by a couple club houses for coffee etc.

In RDL most snowmobilers stay at the Universal Hotel. If full, go to Hotel Levesque (it is a chain hotel like Best Western? or Comfort Inn? and is very close to the Universal Hotel and really nice). Both these Hotels are easy trail access.

Amqui is about 200 miles from RDL either going via trail #5 east to Rimouski and then heading south or as an alternate go to Squatec, then #5 east and eventually south (unk trail#) towards Amqui. If I remember correctly Selectoral Hotel in Amqui is quite nice.

For a day trip out of RDL, take trail behind Universal Hotel and at top of hill bear right to go west on #526, about two miles go thru two tunnels, and now keep bearing left for next 25 or so miles until you come to trail #5. Go west on trail 5 til you get to the big club house with the gas pump (about 65 miles mark from hotel).  From club house take trail #35 connector 15 miles to trail #35 RR bed, west for about ten miles, and cut down to St. Pamphile club house for lunch. Total 100 miles. Check map for alternate route back.



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Hi Nber.  We are going to RDL today, Friday.  Tomorrow we are going to Amqui and staying overnight at L'Ambassadeur which is another nice hotel in Amqui. Sunday we ride back to RDL.  We will try to take two different routes and I'll post on the RDL trail conditions thread.

Jack & Sandi

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