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I just returned. I like Mekoos or place for the trucks. Three days of riding. One day Devils Mountain and Chutes of Windigo. Another day run to 100 Lacs for Lunch. And a day doing the loops if you can go to Nottawissi for lunch. Or do a three day loop and stay on the trail. 

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Enter Mont Laurier into the search at the top right corner you will get lots of good reading.

You want to stay in town in hotel or N of town at one of the lodges.

How many of you in your group, how many miles you like to do in a day. I can add lots more later, heading to pack, we are leaving  Wed morning for Mont Laurier for 3 days of riding. Think this will be my 5 th time to the area.

Linda's suggestions are very good, will want to do most your riding to the N and E.

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Thank you Lindasledgirl, I will check that out on my map. I would like to do a 3 day saddlebag loop but don't have enough info/experience in that area yet. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Fuse6, I tried a search and my thread is the only one that comes up.

My buddy came across a Best Western that looks pretty decent downtown, although AI don't know if they offer secure parking.

Do you know the names of any of the lodges North of town?

Right now there is only 2 of us going, we like to ride 150 - 200 miles a day.

Let me know.

Thank you







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My wife and I just arrived  at Village Windigo tonight at 6:30. Was dark when we arrived but wow what a beautiful place.

The Wood Runner Trail that Mark just posted gives you all the lodges for options if you don't want to base out of town.

In ML for hotels there is Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Best Western and a new Super 8. 

Comfort Inn is my first choice, great restaurant on site, good trail access to go N or S from town, nice rooms.

Quality Inn, stayed there 2 weeks ago, nothing bad just the place is getting old, rooms a bit tired. Trail access is bit of a scrape across the bridge if no fresh snow. Decent Resturaunt on site, Boston Pizza next door.

Super 8 is right across Rd from Quality, Driving by an hour ago didn't see any sled trailers , not sure there is much parking?

Best Western, never been there looks nice on the web. Don't think there is a restaurant on site and don't think any thing walking distance.

Comfort Inn and Quality will let you park while you are gone for few days, might be a small charge. $10.00???? A day. Neither is a gated secure lot. Over years have stayed both places for 4 days each time never had problem, not any recent truck theft that I know of.

Village Windigo, Rasaka, Club Frontbrune are all best part of an hour N of ML by truck.Only 40 km but a rough road. never driven to Mekoos, think a bit further.  They are all very nice lodges, definitely more enjoyable experience vs hotel.

Not positive what your wanting to do. One suggestion would be trailer to ML, stay first night in hotel then head out, maybe head up to 100 Lacs lodge for a night, about 100 miles N of ML. Circle around and stay at another lodge next night. Will never be to far away from ML but there is all kinds of excellent trails to keep you busy for a few days.

I know getting lodging for Friday and Sat nights is becoming a challenge. 

Do you use a GPS. TRakmaps is a huge help getting around and staying on route in villages or trail junctions etc.  The Wood Runner system has installed a lot of new signage this fall, Finding your way around is easy if you know what lodge is near direction you want to go.

I assume you look at the FMCQ interactive map. Those orange trails that look like minor trails on the map; most of them are beautiful trails.

Look at the grooming map 7:00 AM and head for the greens.  once you get out of town even the trails that haven't been groomed for a couple of days are still normally in great shape if it has been cold and have stayed setup after grooming.



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