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Gearing up for another season!  Just wondering if anyone can give a little insight into this area?  Thinking of an earlier trip to this area and was wondering about typical conditions....obviously I'm not expecting anyone to predict the weather (haha), but for those of you familiar with the area from here up to St. Donat, when can you typically expect snow and open trails?  Are there some good day rides to do with the wives?  I am also looking at house rentals in the broader region for this or other trips.  Anyone have luck with using airbnb or vrbo for snowmobiling? I appreciate the input!


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I enjoy this area and it is a good place to take the family due to many places to stop.  I wont speak to the timing of the start of the season but I went to St Donat 2x last year and the grooming was very good even after the big ice up.  I have used AirBnb and other VRBO like sites to rent chalets in Quebec over the years including last year.  Another nice new option in St Donat is Le Grand R.  They have condos, rooms, and chalets, an indoor pool and bar and restaurant.  There is a short direct connector trail there off 33 just before the bend that turns to where you can see Lac Archambault from up high.  

The ride up the the Montagne Noir peak is a good trip for the wives and kids. Bring bread or trail mix to feed the jays.   Esterel is cool place to take the wives too but expensive. Last time I stayed there was before the remodel but I have ridden there for lunch since the improvements. Lots of selfie sticks.

Be aware there is a loss of right of way on 43 N near Entre-Lacs due to land sale. 


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