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Fly in and ride


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It is a new service starting up this season.

You fly into Laurentians, Rabaskea to a Log cabin airport. (New) They suit you up, she hands you the keys to your snowmobile and off you go with a guide to the lodge. 2 days of riding and your back home in time for work monday.

Be great for people from NJ, Penn ect. Cheeper than towing a trailer all that way.

Have you ever been too busy and too stressed to get all the sled gear and the snowmobile trailer and your pals organized to head up to Quebec for a snowmobile weekend? Have you ever thought about selling off the snowmobiles and making room in your trailer for other toys that are easier to enjoy?

Well how about this idea? You go to the airport in Newark on Friday afternoon, you fly directly to the Laurentians, you meet Dom at the log cabin air terminal, and she hands you a snowmobile suit, the boots, and the keys to your sled. Yup, Dom organizes the whole thing. You ride for two days - a total of 400 miles, you eat like a king, and sleep like a baby. Then on Sunday night, Dom drives you back to the airport, and you fly back to Newark. Monday morning, you are back in the office

You can listen to the interview at http://www.zenwaiter.com/

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