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  1. Hi, Looking for someone to do snowbike with. One day rides or more. Anywhere in the Laurentians or week trips further distance. Any ideas?? Anyone interested let me know.
  2. Well the only reason I think is that they want people to bring their machines to dealers instead of doing maintenance by themselves,.. They could've put bolts easy to unscrew as well... but not the case...
  3. Yes I was thinking of those.... Thanks for the link. Do you think would be strong enough for underneath?
  4. Hi, Not sure of you have the same frustration like I do when I see some panels (bottom ones especially) which are fixed with permanent rivets that must be drilled in to be able to remove the bottom panel. I have a sidewinder and a Tundra and both have the same way to fix the bottom panels. Of course to work properly on the machine (oil change, chain case, muffler etc…) I would like to remove the bottom panels so there is more room for inspection as well.. For that I must drill the existing rivets and buy new ones to replace every time. Next year, will have to repeat the same procedure… My question is this: are there any rivets of some sort that can replace the original ones which can be easily unscrewed or taken off without drilling? Then to be put back just the same so next time removing and putting back panels will not require drilling nor spending money on new rivets. Please send link where to buy and pictures if you have found a solution to this, thanks.
  5. Nope, not on trail.... Same where places where the off road snowmobilers would go...
  6. Salut, Je voudrais savoir s'il y a un groupe de personnes ou de individus a qui je peux me joindre et faire du Snowbike? Je suis disponible la plupart du temps n'importe quel jour de la semaine. Je suis nouveau à ce sujet et je voudrais apprendre à connaître les autres qui font la même activité.. Toute information sur les événements, les lieux, les rassemblements ou tout ce qui a trait aux Snowbike sur la côte est appréciée . Merci P.S. Je suis situé autour des Laurentides / QC / Canada.
  7. Hi, I would like to know if there is a group of people or individual riders on the east coast that I can join and ride with?? I am available most of the time any day of the week. I am new to this and would like to get to know others doing the same activity (which is fairly new around here...) Any info about events, places, gatherings or anything to do with snow bikes on the east coast are much appreciated. Thanks P.S. I am located around Laurentians / QC / Canada.
  8. Hi, I am looking to purchase the new Timbersled ARO but undecided between the ARO 120 and ARO 137... Can you please let me know would be the main difference (pros and cons) and which one you would consider and why? I always prefer long tracks but a lot of people say to go with the short track so really hard to decide... It will go on a KTM 500 EXCF 2017 Thank you in advance.
  9. Perfect. I've decided to leave from Riviere du Loup instead. Nothing else changed... Let me know if interested.
  10. Looking for rider(s) to do the Gaspésie tour. One week from March 15 to March 22/23. Start from Matane go around the peninsula and do also the inner trails. I am flexible and adapt easily to any riding condition..... I am 47 and like to ride. Plan to do anywhere from 300 to 500km a day.. (did it a few times alone) I live in Macouche / Terrebonne and could travel together to Matane if you live around here as well. If interested let me know
  11. Bonjour, J'ai un chalet à Labelle / Laurentides Y at-il des espaces ouverts et des endroits où je peux faire hors route et sans aucun problème? Merci
  12. Hi, I have a cottage in Labelle / Laurentians Are any open spaces and places where I can ride off road and without any problems? Thank you for your advice.
  13. Looking to buy a good heavy duty snowmobile ramp… Does anyone know a type or brand that’s better than others? I don’t want some “Walmart” type ramp.. Something good that will not bend with the first use.. It should be made in Canada to avoid high shipping and taxes from US. Thanks for your advice.
  14. Does anyone know if Zumo 590LM (for motorcycle) would work nicely on a sled?? It is waterproof... I already have one and find it quite good on my motorcycle but never tried it in the winter on a sled. I know touch screen are not recommended but would like your opinion. If so what would be the best mount to use? Right now I have it wired on the bike and could get just the same on my sled.. Then clip it in on either one depending of the season… Thank you for your opinion
  15. Hi, I am looking to purchase the new Yamaha sidewinder turbo. However not sure which one would better suit my needs between the four models I set my mind to: XTX-SE, XTX-LE, BTX-LE and BTX-SE I do half trail and half backcountry… I like long tracks on a sled but also do lots of trail so I need a sled that’s good for anything. Not only for mountain but not only for trail either… I am hesitating because the 4 mentioned above have slight differences and not sure. First would be to decide between BTX models or XTX models… Then LE or SE Appreciate if you can help me out on this…
  16. Cos

    Gaspésie tour

    sorry, 20 is not good for me. Have a nice ride.
  17. Looking for someone to do the Gaspésie tour. One week from January 27/28 to February 3/4 Start from Matane, Grosse Roches – New Richmond, Chandler – Murdockville, Gaspe and come back around. I am flexible and adapt easily to any condition..... I am 42, Nitro XTX like to ride. I live in Macouche/Terrebonne and could travel together to Matane if you live around here as well. If interested let me know
  18. Hi, I am looking for someone to do the Gaspésie tour. End of January beginning of February. One week. Start from Matane and go around and into the peninsula. I am 42, have a Nitro XTX 2010. Like to ride. I adapt to any conditions.