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  1. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Glad to see this thread back to life. W e are headed up 3/22 and staying at the Uni. I have ridden every trail on the map at one time or another over the last 10years . typically saddle bag it out of Jackman or Fort kent . This our first time making the drive up and staying in RDL. I have been inspired by those of you who drive from so far away, I 'm I S.Maine south of Portland . I can't wait to see pictures of what you guys find , I have been counting down the days to hit the trail.
  2. 2017 RDL Conditions

    I have been following this thread daily, planning on heading up on the 22nd and riding out of the Uni thru the 25th. Hold all holds up until we get there.
  3. Thanks for your explanation of the laws I have learned so much from you. Like..........
  4. What I was trying to convey is that we were prepared to buy passes and wanted to at the first club we came to that was open . None were open on the route we took. What I'm hearing is we would get stuck with having to buy a season pass on the spot, or more likely fined for that amount. Our whole group got ticketed for no mirrors by a couple of provintial cops all 7 of us, they were real dicks cost us $110.00 each. No warning, no explaining , no English, just pointing and tickets.
  5. What happens when you get stopped in Quebec and you do not have a trail pass. There have been times when I have crossed from Maine into Quebec during the week and have made it all the way to where we are staying for the night without a pass. Either the route we took only had a few club houses and they were not open. We were worried about what would happen if we came across a provincial police officer on a sled or their version of a game warden. What would happen?
  6. Fremont NH show

    I am a nice guy, I just prefer 1000cc open mods over fried dough and laps in the pond. That place used to have Tim bender and all the other factory drag racers there and at least 10-20 open mod 1000's and prostock 1000's. It used to be the Hayday's of NE for drag racing , its more like the Fryberg fair these days. Now it has 10-20 helmet and clothing vendors. I bet there will be more food vendors there this year than racing classes. Like I said I'm getting old.
  7. Fremont NH show

    I liked it better when it was all about grass drags and not all the other stuff before you know it the drags will be gone and there will be carnival rides. The water cross was better when it was a bunch of guys who drank to much in the parking lot and decided to shoot a sled across the pond, now its just a lot of unnecessary noise. Maybe I'm getting old.
  8. I have some friends who are itching to ride this coming weekend and are looking for some suggestions. Thanks
  9. 2016 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions

    ok Mike, We will be headed up on the 16-20 of March and are going to very interested in what you find. I have looked at the 14 day forcast for RDL and it looks to stay cool enough to hang on until we can get up there. .
  10. 2016 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions

    Jack & Sandy , Please let us know what you find in RDL. headed up the 16th weather permitting. Thanks GKW, This goes for your too, let us know what the conditions are like after these two storms this week.
  11. For saddle bag touring on nice groomed trails they are the best money you will spend on your sled. No darting or hunting and they allow you to enjoy the ride without the sled muscling you around. I have put on 15k on a Yamaha and a 1200 doo each have the trackers. I could not stand either sled without them. I think they make the sled corner nicely without any push, if your ridding so hard that extreme sno-trackers push in the corner, A. You probably don't belong on a public trail ridding that agressive and B. Nothing would stop you from pushing in the corners if these don't. My only complaint would be that in certain snow conditions they grab or engage more making it feel like the brakes were just put on, Every person who has gone on a long trip with me that has not had them has gone out and bought a set after trying my sled with them, its the same thing I did after I rode my friends Apex with a set of sno trackers. I can't ride without them now.
  12. So is the ridding toast in this area? Have a trip planned there for 3/16 (yes I know it s late season ) typically we go that time of year and its fantastic. I get the impression that they need snow between now and then. I see many have moved to LSJ area.
  13. no passport

    Once you get your passport and you are good to go , you are allowed (24) 12oz cans of beer per person. A six pack of beer up there will set you back $14 bucks.
  14. Help/recommendations in RDL PLEASE

    Do you cross over in Houlton?
  15. Help/recommendations in RDL PLEASE

    Hey MR, How do you go and how long does it take you to get to RDL? We are in China ME. How much per night at the hole you stay at? Thanks