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  1. And what Mr.Gutz needs to be looking for is a place we..i mean "he" can get them painted.
  2. all the photos are cool....but.... what i dont see is you working on the R.R. im not paying you NOTHING for NOTHING you know! i demand results.
  3. do i bow or kiss his ring or something?
  4. i will sell you one that is slightly used for a 3rd of that price. mr.gutz wont even know its gone. he forgets his rideing gear at home anyay.
  5. i had a great time.. min gutz had a blast as well. lots of fun. thank you for the gift. :)
  6. glad you 2 had fun with out me.. losers..
  7. hey bill i cant fined that video you told us about. giant of the north i think it was. do you have a link to it. i would love to watch it.
  8. i will be doing the only breaking down you need to worry about Gutz
  9. we will let her pick it if she wants to. that the fun of it.
  10. well i call her Anna. my son calls her mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama. you guys know i did get a hair cut right? (witch did clog up indy's clipers) but im growing it back out for winter. she rides ok for someone that never has riden befor. i do hope that there pass ports come through with out a problem. i am realy excited to bring them up there to meet everyone. Also to show off the culture (if you will) of the area. As anyone from lower New England will tell you rideing down here gets harder and harder every year. but up there its a way of life. i look forword to the drive up the as part of the adventure.. it realy is great. so i am excited to shair that with them. so few of us (snowmobielers) get it. rideing in Quebec is like nothing els....hmmm but then agean.. i dont like crowed trails.. maybe i wont bring them.. oh ya.. is there a spell check for this?
  11. cant wait to get up there. hope Gutz has my sled fixed and read for me to break...i meen ride. i know that No-Hair and my self would love to ride from here (lower Mass.) up there. we just dont get the snow we used to.
  12. Mr. Gutz.... Who's the fatty who needs the 2xl?
  13. that is just what he wants. hmmmm its very nice. better then your lawn mower
  14. well there would be plenty of space on there to change Min Gutz if need be... heck we could bring the little stainless steel fire pit and have a cook out on the way up. or just put some dogs on No Hairs HOT DOGGER! anyone els hungry? lol
  15. i did not see them... maybe you bumped your head and saw lights?
  16. i know Mr.Gutz is up on GPS maps and things like that he might have some stuff too.. just a thought
  17. if you did not spend so much time on here.. maybe you can fix my sled befor it gets cold out?
  18. Gutz? i have seen you try that. it never worked out right and i was the one who had to push it home....