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  1. Quebec city to casino?

    Everything was great, I'm looking forward to my next trip! probably will be next season
  2. Quebec city to casino?

    Do yourself a favor and stay at fairmont le manoir richelieu. The place is amazing, and the snow up there is still excellent. The casino is right next door, with walkway underground to the casino. Saturday snowmobiled all day, got back, hired a sitter (booked directly through the hotel) and went to the Casino. My wife and I were at the Casino for about 20 minutes before hitting a progressive. Not a million dollars or anything, but Paid for our trip :) Cashed out, went to dinner, came back and gambled a bit more before calling it a day. Can't ask for much more.
  3. Trail Conditions 2016

    Let me start by saying, I made this trip with wife and young kids (6 & 9) this was a first for us, the kids have never ridden on a trail, and the wife only once, for a short ride. This was kind of a 'test' to see how it would go. so, if you want to put on some 'real miles' (or Kilometers) then our routing won't necessarily help you. But I'll give a recap anyway, in case it's helpful for someone. Overall, It went about how I suspected, everyone had fun, but wife & kids had limited endurance. we did about 90 KM on Friday and only about 45km on Saturday (Saturday wife was getting sore and asked if we could go back early). We arrived Thursday night in the middle of a storm. They got about 10 inches from thursday through friday (while we were on the trails) The snow as nice, but we were breaking trail quite a bit on Friday, which made it a little tough on my wife with her limited experience. [she was a trooper though, and I was pretty impressed by how she did] Anyway, here's the recap Friday we left the hotel (Fairmont Le Manoir Richelou, which is awesome and i want to live there) on trail 124 then took 378 N, to 64 w to 3 N. We stopped at the Charlevoix Club for Lunch (Great stop, loved it. Had burgers beer and Poutine. My first time having Poutine and it was tasty) Then we continued on 3N to 378, which we followed south all the way back to 124. When we got to 124 it had been groomed, and we had first tracks for those 9km back to the hotel. Awesome. Saturday we took 124 to 378 to 64. Stopped in Clermont to Gas up, then over to 3 South. We were going to continue to 377, then take that to 378 and return. But we weren't on 3 south for long before my wife started getting sore and fatigued. So we turned around and retraced the same route back to the hotel instead. I wish i could make another trip up this weekend (or next) but it's such a long trip from CT. It's just not in the cards. Anyone interested in a little motion sickness, and a taste of the trip, here you go
  4. Trail Conditions 2016

    I went through this same problem planning a trip i just got back from. (Got Back this past Sunday) It's a very long drive from Connecticut, so i Wanted to book Four Points vs going further north, but Wasn't sure what to expect. With rain and warms temps, It was just too 'iffy' trying to leave from Quebec city area, so I cancelled & went to La Malbaie instead. Conditions up there were fantastic, and even with the rain this week, they have so much snow I suspect riding will hold out for at least another week or two. This was my first trip to Quebec, so I'm no expert. But there was little-to-no snow on the ground around Quebec city. So if they are saying the trail from Four Points is still open, it can't be by much. I'd say you are better off starting off from somewhere further north. Just my two cents.
  5. Trail Conditions 2016

    Just got back from our trip to Malbaie Quebec and WOW, what a trip. We arrived Thursday night in the middle of the storm and got home last night. Rode Friday and Saturday. Friday it snowed all day. Saturday was a beautiful Bluebird Day. There is definitely no shortage of snow up there. Feet and Feet of snow. And it is snowing more there right now! Friday we were essentially breaking trail in some areas, as we were riding in the storm and things weren't groomed yet. And what was groomed for Saturday, was a little soft with all of the new snow. But I have no complaints, it was still great. Felt so good to be back on snow. I can't wait to make another trip! They are calling for some rain this week. But with what they had, plus the snow from this past Thursday/Fri, plus what they are getting now, the trails should be great for a while still. The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu was fantastic. I can't say enough about it. It was perfect for a family trip. Multiple restaurants, indoor and outdoor pool, kids activities, the casino, and you can hire sitters to watch the kids (so mom & dad can go to the casino) We utilized it all, and I want to go back. Of course it helped that I hit a progressive jackpot and paid for the trip, with a little to spare :) Anyway, Like i said, with the amount of snow they have, looks like conditions should remain great in the region for a while. I wish i could go back up right now with my XRS! The Grand Touring (900 Ace) were great for the family, but I missed my 800 etec. I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how! :)
  6. Charlevoix loop

    Yeah, I can't believe that storm is coming. Crazy! I'm wondering what it's going to be like on the trails on Friday. It will be interesting. But I'll take it!! I bought a New Sled this year. First time I've ever bought a new machine, and it's my dream sled. 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade XRS 800 ETec. It was delivered in October (of course it came early) and I waited...impatiently...for snow. Then winter came...or more accurately, didn't come. At least to the Majority of New England. The closest riding for me (and many) all season was Pittsburg NH. I rode there twice, and once on Winni. The rest of NH never opened their trails. Something I have Never seen in 25 years of riding. So, the fact that Quebec is getting this storm, the weekend I'll be there, puts a BIG smile on my face.
  7. Trail Conditions 2016

    I figured it would be a little thin near the hotel and around town. But since you were up there, perhaps you can tell me; What is the approx riding time and/or trail distance from the hotel (or town area) to the 'higher' elevation trails you mention. We will be doing two 'day trips' from the hotel, so I was wondering how much riding time we will lose each day getting to and from the 'good stuff' It really doesn't matter too much, as it's been so long since I've been on my machine, I'd be happy riding on the grass. LOL But it's nice to know what to expect. Thanks for your feedback !
  8. Trail Conditions 2016

    Leaving tomorrow for a long weekend at fairmont le manoir richelieu in La Malbaie. This will be my first snowmobiling trip 'as a family'. Me, my wife, and my two children (7 & 9). We only have time for two days on the trails (Friday & Saturday) but I can't wait. Any new reports on the trails in that area? Sounds like conditions from there north have been excellent, yes?
  9. Charlevoix loop

    Thanks for the info & pointers! "One caveat - you may not want to ride in New Hampshire after this trip." <-- I've been worrying about this LOL. This happened to me with skiing. Skied NH/VT my whole life, then moved to Colorado for a while. Then, when I came back east, I couldn't help but compare. And the west wins, hands down. A-Basin, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Copper, Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen.. how can you compete with that? I'm sure the same will happen to me after this trip. I'll be comparing trails/conditions, and I know that the land of the quebecois will win. But I don't plan to move back to Colorado, and I don't plan to Move to Quebec ;) So, I'll have to make due with the occasional 'epic' adventure. I'll be sure to post a few pics after the trip!
  10. Charlevoix loop

    Thanks for the post! Great to hear the trails are in good shape. Based on temps and weather forecast for this week, they should hold up very well. I'll be arriving this Thursday, can't wait!!
  11. Charlevoix loop

    Thank you for your '2 cents'. You gave me the gentle 'nudge' i needed to make the decision. I was really on the fence between the two, but if getting to and from the Fairmont will be better trails, that seals the deal. Which is great, because I would really prefer to stay at the Fairmont anyway, mainly because I know it will make my wife happy ! Also, onsite rental gives me a lot of flexibility. I think I'll book 1 day, and see how it goes with the kids, and add the second if I think they can take it. That really wouldn't be possible if I went to Chicoutimi. The rental place isn't close enough to the hotel. A BIG 'Thank You' to Everyone for your insight and advice! I would have been lost without it! I'm really looking forward to my first ride in Quebec! Can't wait to play in the Snow!! i'll be sure to post some pictures of the trip!
  12. Charlevoix loop

    This property you mentioned, ET HÔTEL LA SAGUENÉENNE, is where I'm currently booked. I'm just trying to make the tough decision whether to go there, or change to Fairmont Richelieu. I think i would rather stay at Fairmont Richelieu, but I assume i have a better chance the conditions will be better up in Saguenay area. Hmmmm...I need to decide, I'm running out of time :)
  13. Charlevoix loop

    thank you for the extra details! Getting excited! Can't wait!
  14. Charlevoix loop

    thank you for the reccomendation. would we be able to do a loop, or will it be one way out and same way back? i was checking the online trail map. Do you mean if we get to highway 381 we've gone too far? Or is 383 a trail I'm on seeing on the map? Auberge du Ravage is in Saint Urbain, just off of Trail #3? Are there 'local trails' that aren't on the online trail map? ( I requested a 'hard copy' map from one of the local CVB's but I haven't recieved it yet. Also, you think there is another good 'day trip' from Fairmont Richelieu? We plan to ride 2 days, if the first day goes well :) I really do appreciate eveyone's input. I would be 'flying blind' without it. Quebec is such a huge place!!!
  15. Charlevoix loop

    thank you for this feedback, very helpful. What is "Auberge du Ravage"