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  1. Hi, Your best bet is to go in at Least Charlevoix, between Quebec City and the Saguenay.
  2. Hi Guys, Just so you know, this is not a bridge for riviere St-Anne, but actually a bridge for Riviere du Gouffre, in Baie-Saint-Paul, 1.5 hours north east of St-Anne on Hwy #3. Built by the Sapin d'or Club St-Anne river still has no bridge and is causing troubles this spring. The Riviere du gouffre cost upwards of 800 000$ (mainly public money) and took 9-10 years to come to fruition. An other large bridge on the Montmorency river was built 10 years ago west of the St-Anne in Quebec city. Welcome to Quebec
  3. Hi, Mont Vallins goes untill April!
  4. Hi guys, I'm a Baie-Saint-Paul locals, and everyone is talking SHIT. I talked to the local conservation officers, and they are not sure if it's really a sled chase. They have several reasons to think these animals were sick before hand. It's just that it's a nice local bullshit talk to talk against snowmobiler. Provincial trail #3 has over 200km of prime moose habitat. It's acutally Quebec's most prestigious and exclusive hunting grounds due to the ridiculous amouts of Moose over here. Finally: have you ever met a Moose blocking your way? With nothing behind you for 1-2 hours? And your hotel on the other side of the moose? At 5-6 pm? That won't move a sec because they have a bad temper? And you wait there 30 minutes and he still blocks the way? And you don't have enough fuel to cover the 80 miles behind you? And then you back off, disapear for 15 minutes, come back, and it's STILL there? Welcome to Baie-Saint-Paul and the wild, game loaded Pronvicial #3. Happens to us all the time. My 2 cents
  5. Hi everyone! We live and Baie St-Paul and know the place quite well. You can call us anytime to know about conditions or trail and service information. Great conditions for a couple of weeks! -418 760 8565 -drop us a line at info@aventure-laurentienne.com - visit our wesite at www.aventure-laurentienne.com - visit our FB page: https://www.facebook...26196507393581/
  6. Hi Everyone, Great Website. We are a snowmobile rental and tour company situated in Baie-Saint-Paul, Qc, Charlevoix. Some say this is the nicest region of Quebec. We are very passionate about trail and back-country riding. Our team is very skilled and knows all about trails, conditions, services etc.. We can even help you out with repairs or emergencies, recoveries etc.. (The goal of this post is not to sell tours or rentals by the way) So don't hesitate to give or a call or write us an email if you have any questions about the area! Conditions update for Charlevoix: 12/03/16 - A large snow storm as left a lot of fresh snow last week. Trails are in great shape and well maintained. Weather is mild and warm but wont affect too much conditions. Should be good for another 3 weeks. Even then, it is possible to snowmobile on the Provincial Trail #3 in Charlevoix very late in the season since it's all altitude and sheltered parts in micro climates, allowing riding in April! You can call us anytime at -418 760 8565 -drop us a line at info@aventure-laurentienne.com - visit our wesite at www.aventure-laurentienne.com - visit our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Aventure-Laurentienne-526196507393581/ Phil B Owner and passionate rider