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  1. I do not believe you get held at border for Random test. Roadrunners team had the courier come to Auberge KM 31 to get their tests. So it is kind of hard for them to send you back if you are already gone from border.
  2. Yes sir, that will work....Team Vermont is always welcome at Iceman HQ.
  3. Or if you ARE a fully vaxxed up American entering and hit with the random test and come up positive. This is where the quarantine plan comes into place and why they require you give one. As of today. Tomorrow? Who knows.
  4. Maybe. I will try to find out, and how much $$$ if not covered.
  5. Update from Club in Baie Comeau TQ-3 Baie Comeau / Forestville trail The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) believes it can reestablish a passage north of the Pessamit territory for the 2022-2023 season, but for this year, it must be forgotten. "It's not funny, but we don't have much choice. They (the Innu Council) do not want to go all out, ”underlines Yanick Claveau, federation liaison officer for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-Côte-Nord region. Since the last season, Pessamit has put an end to the right of way for snowmobilers following complaints from members of the community. A project to relocate a 20 km portion of the TQ3 federated trail is on the table. "There is a four kilometer road that we are going to have to build to connect two other already existing paths," explains Mr. Claveau, who adds that he is in discussion with the people of Pessamit on this subject. The FCMQ is also in talks with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to obtain approval for the new route chosen. "Normally, if all goes well, the project should be done next summer," said the president. According to him, the future link will not force snowmobilers to cover a greater distance, which will be similar to that which existed until the winter of 2019-2020. Snowmobilers will not see the difference, assures Mr. Claveau.
  6. Confirmed No Gas Received message from Chibougamau club this AM
  7. Spoke to club in La Dore tonight, not looking good for gas at sawmill. Resolu (mill owners) never responded to requests sent from club inquiring about opening up pumps for sleds.
  8. Thankfully at least no mean Tweets.
  9. God Bless America America is very very good to me whvat a country
  10. Be sure to reserve ahead for la Cache 1 581 880 6025 they are already being booked. Next year should be much different story. If they get done what they are hoping. It will be a real destination.
  11. Trail in St Alexis des Monts between Lac Blanc and Lac a l’eau Claire bridge washed away two years ago finally a new one
  12. Confirmed will be open this year 22 km or so longer than old route.
  13. La Cache contact responded last night. Gas Food ATM 2 rooms available upstairs with double beds. Next year will be much more rooms.
  14. They were talking about building mini chalets in back of main building. Not sure of progress on that. I will inquire tonight. I will get back to you on this.
  15. Almost like they had plans in place for this. Hmmm?
  16. On a lake and not even December. Come on now. That helmet is not protecting very much now is it? south of Chibougamau. Saved by his FXR FAST gear. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1843217/motoneigiste-combinaison-flottante-sauvetage-chibougamau?fbclid=IwAR153B-Eu0C35Vr1AmltAU94VXu4hMaHHG9tWaCb7n8X_kJ0Ms5TzYPjd2k Rescue of a snowmobiler at Lake David south of Chibougamau A man was rescued from the waters of Lake David. His floating suit lifted him to the surface. A snowmobiler sank in the waters of Lake David, south of Chibougamau around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, but luckily his floating suit allowed him to rise to the surface. The man then managed to slip on a thin layer of ice while waiting for help. About fifteen people, including firefighters, police and relatives of the snowmobiler were looking for him. He was quickly taken to the nearest hospital in hypothermia, but according to the Sûreté du Québec there is no fear for his life. Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Hélène Nepton explains that the suit certainly helped save the man's life. The combination and the quick arrival of help, the man was really lucky, said Nepton, in a phone interview.
  17. Onitchaway this morning. Good see more snow over that way. Last weekend was almost none there.
  18. Red Alert..... this post is not in the Covid section it could disappear
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