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  1. 27 November 0c rain /snow mix close to six inches of white wet overnight. rain snow now mostly rain still think you will need to wait longer than two weeks. Nice to look at.
  2. We've listened to you! A brand new surfacer for the 63 north. Thanks to Mécanique J. Clair! 🤩
  3. Resolved for this year Volunteers will be able to maintain the main trail through the City of Saguenay. Discussions have intensified over the last two weeks, so that the difficulties that were jeopardising the opening of the snowmobile trail that runs from La Baie to Jonquière, the Trans-Québec 83, have been resolved and it will now be accessible.
  4. Crossing Pessamit The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) is in negotiations with the Innu of Pessamit, as it would like its members to be able to cross their territory while awaiting the completion of work on the section. The North Shore administrator for the FCMQ, André Thériault, is confident. "We want to reach an agreement with the chief, Marielle Vachon. We always manage to reach an agreement. We have to be positive," he says. The Pessamit Innu Band Council did not respond to our requests for an interview. Some 5,000 snowmobilers have trail access rights on the Côte-Nord. If no agreement is reached. Snowmobilers still won't be able to travel past Pessamit this winter. The new Trans-Québec 3 route, still under construction, is impassable. Work to bypass the snowmobile trail east of the Rivière Pessamit is behind schedule. Since the community of Pessamit prohibits snowmobile traffic on the 33 kilometres of TQ3 that cross its territory, non-native snowmobilers will have to bypass this segment again this year by using a road towing service. The Manic-Quad club, which is responsible for the project, says that the work, which began in 2021, will not be completed until next year. "The work is behind schedule. The drilling for the blasting should be finished this week, and the clearing next week. Eight kilometres are already passable, with seven to go next year," explains club president Pascal Morneau.
  5. 22 November -2c snow 3-4” overnight I like what i am seeing so far. Winter setting in slowly. Some freeze some thaw makes for solid ground. Not our first snow but first one with real quantity.
  6. Got a beautiful new Piston Bully Former president Martin Caron is ready to welcome the snow with his club's operators on the new Pisten Billy recently purchased thanks to support from the FCMQ and MTQ.
  7. Heated garage available this winter if i am reading it right then the garage is for snowmobiles with no studs and must have wheels. first time ever seeing that.
  8. Sadly I believe you are spot on FCMQ did the video before trail pass purchase. Last year? Not sure exactly. That does nothing a video. needs to be consequences for actions.
  9. Pretty great setup there. Surely has evolved from the first time i was ever there.
  10. Doing some renovations getting ready for the season.
  11. Sounds to me like they are not getting funding for special projects. Bridges etc. in my next life I will work with the FCMQ so I can understand all this better. for sure there is only so much money to go around for the FCMQ to decide who gets what. For what.
  12. Got some new iron today. new machine and drag
  13. New dining room yes and kitchen. Working on rooms too, i think will be 6 available but not confirmed on that.
  14. Totally agree. I do believe in some type of satellite coms. (Sat phone or device for satellite text)
  15. Classic Quebec had 2 years and still not done. maybe in 2026
  16. Not good. 35 km of Trans-Québec trail through Saguenay under threat |November 13, 2023 Tourists who like to finish their snowmobiling day at the hotel will no longer be able to go there this winter if the situation is not resolved. At the rate things are going, the snowmobile trail that crosses the city of Saguenay from La Baie to Jonquière, the Trans-Québec 83, will remain closed this winter. Problems are piling up for volunteers from the Club de motoneigistes du Saguenay, and solutions are not coming quickly enough. "It's not complicated: the 35 kilometres of the Trans-Québec trail will remain closed. We'll be able to ride the local trails, but tourists arriving from Quebec City and Charlevoix won't be able to get to the city, the restaurants and the hotels," points out club president Jocelyn Charest on the trail map. The map is posted on the wall of the club's offices. The trail in blue, Trans-Québec 83, will remain closed this winter if the problems are not resolved quickly. Flanked by his vice-president, Éric Lavoie, Lavoie adds that they have problems with rights of way on private land, inaccessible bridges and safety. And for the time being, nothing seems to be resolved in the short term. "It's one obstacle after another. We're doing volunteer work. We like going out to install signage and repair bridges. We know we're going to have a few problems to deal with, but that's not it any more. There's nothing that can be solved. The need for a permanent committee The two volunteers deplore the lack of vision on the part of municipal authorities for the development of this tourism industry, which generates over $110 million in spinoffs for the region. "What we mean by that is that when it comes to developing the town, they never look at where the trails go. Every year, we end up with a new business on a street corner and new residences at the end of a neighbourhood blocking our way. You can't always get around it, and often you do the work and have to do it all over again two years later. We're happy to help them get snowmobilers down to the hotels, but we're starting to get fed up and we don't get any royalties," explains Jocelyn Charest. Here's a concrete example. The new branch of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec on boulevard Mellon in Jonquière is right next to the entrance to the trail leading to the club's premises. "The entrance is so close to the edge of our trail that it's becoming dangerous," says Éric Lavoie, who brings up the idea of a permanent snowmobile committee. "We've been asking for it for two years. We want to talk to the town and bring hoteliers and shopkeepers together to have a long-term vision. While there is one person dedicated to snowmobiling issues within the municipal administration, the two men feel that the implementation of a long-term plan requires political will. They asked to meet the presidents of the three boroughs a few weeks ago, but their request went unheeded. "There's the OHV (off-road vehicle) committee and Serge Gaudreault is the chairman. He listens to us, but he's caught between a rock and a hard place," sighs Mr Charest. The Club de motoneigistes du Saguenay has 64 volunteers and around 20 groomer drivers. It is responsible for maintaining 500 kilometres of trails. Last year, the organisation had 3,200 permanent members and around 500 snowmobilers paid for a daily or weekly pass
  17. Best idea. the xxxxx’s was covid time only. I believe it does not accept that anymore.
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