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  1. I need me a chair like that. Are the nurses included?
  2. Truth, you are spot on. Not everyone notices this.
  3. I am an Island boy. Lost in Quebec.... looking good on one happy island.
  4. Got thay right poor and piss poor the two options
  5. All you cheap SOB’s can stay four in one room and snuggle up that will offset the cost. LOL cross country skiing is cheap maybe try that? Or snow shoes? Ha!
  6. Indeed ride the best trail system in the world….. Priceless
  7. Ha! at least we can keep our team name and not cave to the cancel culture
  8. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_06/image.thumb.png.afac8b9f1086bfa0118b78ad7743eb08.png
  9. Been a long time coming. This is hockey. Shawinigan is a hockey town https://canadiansportscene.com/shawinigan-cataractes-win-first-ever-presidents-cup-in-franchise-history/
  10. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_05/37881723-C1F9-4B9E-8400-B9827A9F5F75.jpeg.e632b7207e7701918870d0dbf817fb0f.jpeg
  11. Here looking at probably 12 months and a full environmental study to evaluate the effects of this second pipe.
  12. No word on the new bridge on 83 north of relais 22. Cross your fingers.
  13. Road to Parent https://www.facebook.com/manon.petiquaypotts/videos/970730270253448/
  14. This is further north by Opitciwan
  15. Route 155 before La Tuque the river St Maurice has exited its bed
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