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  1. I drive all the way to Western Massachusetts from Southern NJ to pick up a new sled and while waiting I look outside in the used sled lot and find this. Spotted that sticker from a good distance.
  2. I only grow grass for a living. As in turf, for golf courses.
  3. How much snow on the ground on avg up there?
  4. Looking to come up in two weeks and stay/ride out if Drakkar. Hoping conditions keep getting better. Hey at least your getting some riding in. Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming while your up there.
  5. Will be following also. Please give some update to conditions.
  6. Looks like you have the potential for 9-16" of snowfall coming over the next two days. That would be a nice help! Come on snow gods!
  7. On my iPhone and iPad the legend shows up but no grooming info.
  8. I downloaded the most current version from the google drive link and on my Garmin Oregon 450T i had the same issue with the trail being very thin white lines. Same as said before that in base camp they look fine with the color codes associated with the different trails.
  9. Question.....if I download Tilou Biscuit version 8.02, can I install that on a SD card to work or just download it right to the garmin map folder??
  10. The NY app is from Great online web map, app, and gps maps for NY. The app gives you turn nay turn directions. Also they are upgrading it and for a fee you can get grooming updates, trail conditions and see ethereal people using the app are riding the most. I use the garmin maps from them. I also have the app as backup.
  11. Heres another one
  12. Thank you for the info. I was looking at that sticky and just wanted to make sure nothing else had come out as an option. Im going to go with the app and trakmaps.
  13. Iceman thank you for the help! I've been playing around on the maps when I have had free time. Just trying to get some rough ideas ahead of time. This is a huge help!
  14. Awesome! Good to know about the red stakes! I should be covered on the sled registration.......I have NJ and NY registrations. NHTOM, you have any musts on trail loops? Thinking of doing a big loop up to Windigo and back around. Looking to put about 200 miles/day on the odometer.
  15. We are staying in Shawinigan. Same kind of deal with secure parking. I'm from Syracuse, NY originally so a group of riding friends from Syracuse and I are headed up for 5 nights. Really looking forward to the trip, especially after a low snow year last year.
  16. I can't say enough about everyone's help. It's an invaluable forum for Quebec info. Headed up on 2/23 as of right now. Staying for 5 nights in the area. I'm really looking forward to making my first trip up to the area.
  17. Thanks! Sorry for the confusion. I can look at colored lines on a map and assume what it means but I hate assuming. I would much rather be 100% sure I'm doing what I should be. I'm visiting an area where others live and enjoy to ride and I want to be able to leave and say my actions were never in question of causing an issue or helping in closing a trail. Just looking for the local knowledge. I appreaciate the help!
  18. Sorry for not clarifying that better. I'm not an asshat and going to be riding where ever I want or off trail. That's not my style. I meant off trail as in sidewalks, shoulders of roads to get into a gas station and such. Everywhere has its own rules, laws, and etiquette. I just want to make sure I'm being respectful, that's all. I'd rather ask ahead of time and know then be looking like a disrespectful tourist.
  19. I saw the trail heads there, I guess to ask another question/know before I go, what are the laws or etiquette on riding off trail and across roads or shoulder of roads? I don't want to be "that guy".
  20. Guys please excuse my newbie questions. I have had a few so far but just looking to make sure we are planning a great destination ride for our group that's coming up in February to the area. We are looking to make reservations at the Escapade. From what I gather reading info on here is it is a good and safe place to base our rides out of. Do they still have secure facilities for equipment? I only ask because I recieved a new map of the area and under lodging they aren't listed anymore like on my previous map. Also they isn't any major road riding in and out of the Escapade right? Also looking on the map is the Esso station accessible my sled that's near the Escapade? Im sure I will have some more questions for you all as the time nears. This forum has been a very useful tool in helping to plan a trip to a new area. Thank you for all your help!
  21. Great!! Thank you guys for the info. First trip up to ride at the end of February so just trying to get my things in order now while I have the time.
  22. What would say is more accurate between the two?
  23. Looking for input on the best trail maps for a Garmin gps for Quebec.
  24. Trying to plan a trip to Shawinigan but not sure what dates to pick? First week of Feb or last week into first week of March. Any suggestions?? I know no one has that magic crystal ball but willing to go off previous years info. Thanks in advance