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  1. We will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Shawinigan, where would be the closet place to but trail permits? The motel says they do not have them.
  2. Cool, Thanks and be safe!
  3. Any reports on Shawinigan north?
  4. Comtemplating coming up for a few days starting tomorrow and riding out of montpellier north, mont Laurier and then further north, will it be worth the drive, I am being told there is plenty of snow but am concerned about the trails being nothing but ice, no lube-cool. or go out of mont laurier and head nord?
  5. I have a hard time believing anyone would be so callous as to do this, I hope they get their due. At least the meat is not going to waste.
  6. I am curious if it was hit by a sled or just plain run or chased til it could go no longer, the blood and hair make it seem to be a collision, either way is not good but I would think if it was a collision it would have to of been an accident .