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  1. Any chance anyone can also confirm what trail #43 is like? It appears to be a seasonal road which would be great, but just hoping to confirm its not a railbed. Thank you!!!
  2. Hello! We are looking to do a loop starting from North bay on Sunday and crossing into the Quebec Trails at Temiscaming and taking #43 to cross back east into Ontario at Pembroke (waltham). Can anyone advise what 43 is like as I'm trying to ensure it isn't a rail line (Like #63). I've checked it out on google maps satellite and it APPEARS to be a seasonal road so I'm encouraged by that. Also hoping that Lance's convenience is open and has gas at the halfway point. Any advice or comments on this trek would be great. Plan is to do the return leg of the loop from Pembroke to North bay on the Ontario side. Thank you!!!
  3. Appreciate all the feedback, guys!! Thank you.
  4. That would certainly spoil the trek. Plan is right now to book accommodations and adjust if necessary just before Christmas depending on the trail conditions posted. Would it be unusual, besides last season, for that stretch to be open at that time? Any recommendation for where we should consider as a backup plan during that time?
  5. Sage advice --- trying to play the odds of a freeze-up between now and then as weather looks nicely cold, although agreed on point that rivers/etc take a surprising amount of time to freeze up proper. Fingers aggressively crossed :)
  6. Thanks for the reply... I know we have some good KM's in there but suspect we'll be OK.. if we need to cut it short we'll adapt :) I'm generally more concerned about fuel across the distances as the interactive map doesn't show all the spots however have found some on the physical map. Also -- had wanted to stay at fairmont in clermont but unfortunately they are all booked up for NYE.
  7. Hello! My brother and I are planning to take our first trek on the Quebec trails the last week of December and have mapped out a lengthy loop (about 2100km), but would appreciate any feedback (ie. things to see, suggested reroute, suggested hotel change, gas issues/long stretches without, etc). We are planning to drive up from just outside Toronto to stay at the Four Points Sheraton in Quebec City (where feeder 304 meets TQ3) on Boxing Day. Day 1 (Dec 27) - 333km up #3 & #73, staying at Le Relais 22 Milles Day 2 (Dec 28) - 483km #83 west, staying at Auberge Du Lac Faillon , just outside of Senetterre Day 3 (Dec 29) - 474km #93 North, staying at Marina Chibougamau Day 4 (Dec 30) - 294km #93 South-east to Roberval, staying at Hotel Chateau Roberval Day 5 (Dec 31) - 329km #23 -> 383 -> #83 -> #3 staying in Clermont at Hotel-Pavillons Le Petit Manoir Day 6 (Jan 1) 172km back to Four Points Sheraton to load up and head home. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions Thank you! David