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  1. After saddle bagging for six weeks in Quebec our best meal was tonight at auberge du lac faillon and the accommodations are great as well
  2. Any one traveled saint feliciien to sennettre across 83 in the last day or two. Thanks
  3. Did a lot of the abitibi loop this week your’e right fantastic snow and groomer trails, We were supposed to laverendye thurs but trail closed two women along didn’t go they won.played around Val-D’Or instead yesterday up to Chibougamau fabulous today down the other side still needs work and drifted in pretty good in spots.
  4. we're going down to laverendrye for wednesday night hope the trail is open by then
  5. according to the local club st simeon trail problem all fixed trail 3 is once again a go.
  6. does anyone know if this trail has been groomed yet the groomer delay is showing no information.; Royce and Carol
  7. Happy New Year everyone . Thanks for all the reports.
  8. Thanks I learned something new myself Royce and Carol
  9. Just a question does a white trail this time of year mean it has been 3-4 days since it has been groomed or has not been groomed this year yet.
  10. Trakmaps are a mini sd chip you wil have to see if your gps is compatible
  11. thanks everyone she called back today we're all booked in
  12. any one heard of what is happening with the lodge we have been trying for over a week to get an answer back from them voicemail is full and no reply with e-mail, hope nothing has happened would like to stay there again this year if any one has input please post.Thanks
  13. Thanks for everbody's input, looking forward to getting out there. Royce and Carol
  14. just wondering what trail 93 from chibougamau to saint felicien is like, traveling with my wife and our normal is 250 kms per day and this ride is close to 300 km and also is there any gas along the way , any help would appreciated. Thanks Royce and Carol
  15. Got my passes online in nine days with my insurance rebate same day