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  1. Bill, I haven't seen you post anything lately, are you ok? The Skipper
  2. Hey Bill, Glad your back in your Paradise. What did you think of the Penn State win versus LSU? I was there. Looking forward to our visit with Andyman. The Skipper
  3. Is that Mikerider back on an Arctic Cat?
  4. Bill, Does JD know you're taking these pictures?
  5. It is about a 250 mile loop.
  6. Bill, get Mikerider to take a picture of the HI parking lot and post. Is it totally snowcovered? How many sleds in the corral at night? Hope to see you, J & G this coming Monday night. We are going to leave Quebec City Monday morning and be at the HI in the evening.
  7. The reason I put the original post under the "trail condition pictures" topic is that most Quebec riders that are south of the border will travel to where the best conditions are. This way you do not have to look under every sub forum to see conditions for Quebec. Just my thoughts.
  8. I second the above! Hope to have a beer with you on the trail to celebrate!
  9. Keep the trail pictures coming on this post. It will be one place where everyone can go to see the latest conditions for all of Quebec.
  10. Snowwhite, Where you at the HI last Feb. on valentines day?
  11. [Hello Andre, Thanks for the quick reply. I will stop in to see you tthis winter. Thanks, Skip Hquote name=relais540' date='Dec 5 2007, 07:41 AM' post='2520] Hello The Skipper Here we have more then 3 feet on ground for Bas St-Laurent the accumulation from november 1 to today is 153 Cm receive 1/2 quantity then all the last season. André Reelais 540
  12. Is there any snow in this region? What are the trail conditions?