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  1. Anyone been up there on this side yet? Met a couple of guys 2 weeks ago in Amos who ventured up and said it was ok. Wondering how far we are from opening this up?
  2. Thanks for the heads up GT.....good example of how not ALL the amenities show up on the app.
  3. When I spoke tot he hotel owner he said with Roland closed the only option was the grocery store....😬
  4. Thanks Grampsledder...Oh yes for sure. I have the app but important to understand not ALL services are always highlighted on the maps. I believe It's a paid advertisement thing that not all hotels, gas, businesses pay for. In a lot of situations in other regions of Quebec I have seen services (i.e GAS, Hotels) that we use while riding that do not show up on the iMotoneige map app. Just wondering if there are any of these that aren't showing. All good....we are headed south before we go into the interior so will stop somewhere down south before heading up to Murdochville.
  5. Where did you end up getting gas do you remember?
  6. Well I just did some calling around and it turns out Table Roland is closing for the winter March 5th, 2020. Apparently the owner is taking some time off early as he is getting up in the years. That being said, I spoke with another Motel Owner (who was not open) and he had mentioned that Roland and the Bed & Breakfast outside of town (Au Coin De Berge) are the only places to stay in Percé during sled season. Also found out NO GAS IN PERCE. Glad I called. We will stay at the Bed and Breakfast.
  7. Yes. Called this place. They are unfortunately closed after March 5th. Any other suggestions ?
  8. Can anyone suggest a good spot to stay in Perce that is easily accessible by Trail? Good View of rock and water would be great. Price not really an issue.
  9. Thanks everyone. Looks like we are going to keep our day 4 and 5 option open and probably end up doing something of a hybrid of what was suggested. We'll see how my son feels and if he feels like riding an extra couple days or we can cut it short and go back to the truck. Going to stop at Mont St Anne on the way home and do some snowboarding so he may just want to get there. Thanks guys I'm complete newbie in the gaspe and this site was very helpful much appreciated !
  10. Ok's the plan guys.... Drive to Matane... Day 1 Matane to Mt St.Pierre (Auberge LaMarre) Day 2 Matane to Perce (Au Coin De Berge) **NOTE: Lady at Table Du Roland says they will be closed after March 5th...nobody to work? Day 3 Perce to Murdochville Copper (lunch) then down to Relais De la Cache for the night Day 4 ??? Day 5??
  11. Ok good to know. Just thought maybe the interior was a bit slower. Doesnt sound like it. Great. Booked in at LaCache !
  12. Just booked the B&B in Perce. After I leave Perce and work my way up to the's only 167km. Should I make my way over the LaCache or stay at Copper? Trying to keep the days between 250-275 but wondering if the interior requires longer days. Heading to LaCache would give me about 270km
  13. Thanks very much to everyone. Looking forward to my first trip to Gaspe.
  14. Hmmm. Fuse.... That sounds awesome. Its just my son and I so the sled rescue thing sounds great. Might just do that. 👍
  15. Ok guys...…just got back from riding. Thanks for all your replies. FUSE6---- Awesome ! Thank you. will definitely try that route out and thumbs up on the hotel and museum suggestions. We definitely want to see the mountains. VIPER2 ---- 3 up to 6 days. Depends on conditions and weather etc. to suggestions but we really want to get up into the Chic Chocs so its looking like 5 days. Thanks guys.....I have this thing almost nailed down. Going to drive up to Matane....F#$%K it. Its almost 14 hours but hey....who cares. Stay at Quality Inn in Matane? (Suggestions)…..then start my ride mostly unplanned. Will do as suggested and just call ahead in the AM. LAST QUESTION....besides Pearce Rock what else would you guys consider a MUST SEE or MUST STAY?