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  1. When do they start grooming this area? I was there in march last year and the riding was awesome
  2. did the trip jackman maine to rdl 300 miles, to st anne des mont 300 miles, to hotel chandler via murdocville 200 miles over to perce and back to chandler 100 miles, to amqui 300 miles, to rdl 200 miles and back to jackman 300 miles. total miles 1694 approx. 150 gallons of fuel 2 gallons of oils my 2012 Polaris pro r 800 switchback made the trip flawless. I would like to thank all the people on this site that help making decisions easy with their input. a special thank to all the groomers that made the trails a 10 the hole trip. due to the Yamaha breakdown I was unable to meet up with groomer (hopefully next trip) oh yeah I did say the next trip because this is a trip well worth making
  3. Had a great time also be safe out there
  4. my plan is maine to riviere du loop,to saint anne des mont, to perce maybe by way of 595 richmond, to ?
  5. Thank you for you're input. my only question is how many days from rivier du loop around and back to the same? aggresive riding
  6. i am looking to leave with 3 others out of jackman maine on wed morning drive to riviere du loop,then? looking to ride approx 220-250 a day,not sure where that puts us or if there is a trip that is pre mapped for 5 days from riviere du-loop. any input would be great.
  7. I bought the sledgps maps and last weekend we went from saint anne beauce to le tape and then to the lac st jean area (sorry for the spelling) and returned back, the gps was pretty accurate. the gps I use is from my motorcycle it is the garmin 2720. trails were 75 good and 25 ok but with the year we are having I won't complain. this week heading to st george I'm hoping the warm weather didn't do to much damage.
  8. r the trails open? thank you for the post
  9. Thank you for your responses, in the state of maine you can but must register as a snowmobile in the state of N.H you can on state trails and trail not marked "no atvs"
  10. can you ride on the snowmobile trails with a atv w/tracks or only on atv trails? thanks for your help