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  1. I am selling my 2009 Renegade 1200 It has just over 8000 miles on it and nearly all of them were done in Quebec. This sled has the X package, large windshield, mirrors, and side wind deflectors 12 volt plug, heated shield plug, GPS mount It has been only trailered in an enclosed trailer and stored in a garage. The sled needs nothing it runs great. New track was installed at 7,500 miles. Asking $5,850 Call or email me.
  2. I have a 2014 Legend all aluminum 19' in line trailer for sale. White and Black, aluminum wheels, helmet cabinet, LED lights, front and rear ramp doors with flaps Torsion axles, 7000 lb gvw. Trailer only has 900 miles on it. Asking $9,500
  3. Hey guys not sure if you have heard of them or not but check out the Legend Trailers They are built in MI and have the best warranty you can get. These are really well built and beuatiful trailers. Trust me you won't be disapointed. The one item that Nitro has that I like is their flip down ramp just saw it at the show this year. Look forward to seeing you on the snow this winter! Bob
  4. Bill keep us posted on the grooming situation u was looking at heading back up in a few weeks Sounds like the warm weather didn't affect the trails in your area
  5. Yes it is marked and it's about 10-15 miles south of L'Etape on 23 a right hand turn
  6. I have the Nuvi 500 which is the same as the 550 but doesn't have the bluetooth. The GPS works good however I hear that the 600 series you can build trips on your computer and then load them on to the GPS unit. This would be a nice feature to have. The one thing that I will say is the maps you buy are far more important then the GPS unit. I ran the SledGps maps 2 weeks ago JUNK stay away from this product it is CRAP you will want to take the GPS and throw it in the first lake you see. This pat weekend I ran the trakmaps and they seem pretty good. My only complaint so far is that if the trail is re rooted and you are running off the trail for say a mile it cancels out your trip. This is a real PITA when its cold and you have to go back in and reprogram a route which is next to impossible while driving.
  7. Bill we made it back home safe a sound! Thanks again for riding with us around the lake and for our short trip to Scooby's on Sunday. The ride back to Saint Raymond was AWESOME! We left the HS at 8 am we started down what I call the fast way home - 383 to 368 to 23 all were freshly groomed, flat and fast! We ran the 90 odd miles down to the Relais in Mont Apica and fueled up the sleds. From there we headed down 23 toward L'Estape this end of 23 had not been groomed but it was still in good shape. We then turned down the new trail that runs from 23 over to Lac Edward. This trail was rough, not groomed and in spots about 1' of fresh snow. I will say this if that trail would have been groomed it is a very nice view. From 23 to where it hits 355 it is about 40 miles. We got to 355 and again hit perfect trails, freshly groomed and all the snow you could ask for. We ran 355 south to "Guiland" for gas and lunch. We got there around 1 pm with 180 miles on. From there we took 355 south across the lake to the local trail that runs past The Trapper, just before the Trapper there were 2-3 Moose that had just crossed the trail before we got there you could see them looking back at us from in the woods. The local trail again was a bit rough but when we dumped out on to 73 south it was again in perfect shape. In total it was 270 miles back to the truck and what a nice ride we got in at 5pm. The drive home was less then fun snow the entire trip back to the boarder then someone shut off the snow! Funny thing is I pulled into my driveway and guess what was on the TV! Hmm lost a Sunday ride and got to see the race at home. It was great seeing everyone at the hotel and sharing stories. Looking forward to the next trip hope the snow sticks around so I can get one more run in this year. All the best Bob
  8. Thanks Bill! Need anything up there from this side of the boarder? My plan is to arrive Friday night, make the lake run on Saturday, Sunday blast off a quick 150 miles and then watch the Daytona 500 at the Hotel or Scooby's then head back home on Monday. I will be looking for your input for the Lake trip (any tips on what to avoid) and Sunday's run. See you then safe riding! Bob
  9. Bill, How are you? How has your winter been? Looking at heading up on Friday how are the trails? Can you make the ride around the lake? We will be there for 4 days coming from St. Raymond. I have not rode up there this year only out west. I saw a report that said you are riding in grass? Looking forward to seeing you and talking over a beer.
  10. That is TrakMaps same as I posted that I have coming. Thanks
  11. Hello again! Well this past weekend I tested the Nuvi 500 and the map system. I was very disapointed with the maps. We rode over 700 miles in 3 days and not once was I on the trail. The best example I have is in Mount Laurier it shows you crossing the river about 3 miles East of where the trail is. Even when you are sitting in the Quality Inn hotel parking lot and the trail passes the front of the trail it doesn't show it. Whenw e were riding from Senitare to Val D'Or not once did I even see a trail on the screen. I was at a gas stop and a guy pulled up next to me with a old Garmin Z276 and TrakMaps on it, I looked over and saw the trail and gas station and him at it. I asked and he said it works great. I have this Trakmaps on its way to me and will be trying it out during my next trip.
  12. Thanks has anyone stayed at the comfort inn there? Is it accessible from the trail?
  13. I am looking at being in Val D'Or this weekend. We will be coming from Mont-laurier by sled for the first time and was wondering where the best place is to stay. Any advice on trail selection and routes is also appreciated Thanks Bob