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  1. Yes the pics are all mine from The Sled Den.. We are in River-A-Claude which is the small town before Mont-Sainte-Pierre.. We call this area the B.C. of Gaspésie. Jack this kid should listen to his dad
  2. This one is for the books. Rode in 4' of pow. Yep in November.. Got some videos and pics on my F.B The Sled Den... We have now done 4 rides this year. Its looking like a good season so far.. Jack
  3. Hi Jesse Here is a pic from 1pm. Not a speck here yesterday. There was already 1-2 feet above 2000'. A friend rode today and said it was 3-4 feet deep above 2000. Makes sense to me. Tomorrow we will see. Jack
  4. Yahooo were riding again. Rode Thursday and again on Sunday. After riding on Sunday we went hunting for birds. We got a partridge . Another off the bucket list. Hunting and sledding. Maybe I will get a Bear when we ride May 15. More on the site with a report and all. Jack
  5. I'm heading down in the hope that the little bit of snow they are calling for changes. They never got it wright last This year is looking like a great season. Hope that everyone gets snow. But you all know where the B.C. of Gaspésie is.. Loads of more cuts were made this year in the area. Lots more easy stuff to ride. Just flatter but up at 1800' where the snow starts to get deep. Hope you all get an early start this year so you can all burn large amounts of fossil Hope to see some of you and if not ride hard but safe. Bookings are going fast. March is just about booked. But we ride till the end of April and if you really good you can ride in the trees till mid MAY or so.. Got the pics on my site. Check the sled den blog for May18-19. Jack Do You Ride The East ? I Do !!
  6. Sick Phil... I use to ride a 1974 3 cylinder 2-stroke. Up at the track at Mont Tremblant. Like back in 1979.. lol.. man I'm old.
  7. The Sled Den will be there. My wife son and I have people to meet.. We also have another reason. That's our sticker on Bobler's sled. And he's going to WIN !!
  8. Hi Tom and Bill. I will be videoing the stuff. Hope the videos turn out as good as some pics I have. For sure I will pass by and say hi Bill. Your on my list lol. Got so much work to do down there. Jack
  9. There's another big show in Epping N.H. Its the third weekend in Oct. Grass drags and water racing. Going with my son and WIFE. Yep that's what I said. lol. Were meeting sledding friends who live in N.H. Jack
  10. I bought my yammie in 2006..saw this on Yamaha and decided to put 15,000 $ into my sled.. We do not have enough open stuff for a heavy sled. My sled when under 10 mph it will sink just like a trail sled.. you are better off on a 2 stroke here in the Gaspésie.. 4-Strokes are for open areas like out west or trails. I rode my yammie this year once, in 3 feet of fresh pow.. it was great.. but in the thinner stuff its a bitch.. jack
  11. Tellus is the one.. My son uses his I-5 and it always has service when we are in the mountains.. Not in the valleys. No offence but Bell and Rogers suck.. jack
  12. Yep Linda... Got to love the end of March in the B.C. of Gaspésie.. After this ride March 29, we got 3-4 feet of POW the first week of April.. March break is April here.. Jack
  13. Its commin faster than you First freeze this year at 2500 meters.. 3 degrees at 2500' this weekend.. Yahoooooo.. Its going to be an early winter. Its not warm up in the mountains.. Jack