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  1. Better late than never HAPPY B-DAY LINDA!!!!
  2. First time I was ever at Le Cabannon was in 1987. Blew up my Indy trail on the lake, was in my teens at the time. LOL Stayed at the Glacier but stoped there for a snack. You would have though that first trip to Canada would have tought me that this sport is a money drain!! LOL
  3. Really funny how Yamaha is trying to talk this up, Like they really did something.
  4. 3 to 6 inches in CT today thay say.
  5. WTH I did not get a calender!!! LOL I was hoping that was not lipstick!! LOL
  6. More good info, Thanks a lot guys!! and Gal!! LOL
  7. Thank you to a VERY nice lady, All I did was say I may go west and I get "give me your address I will send you maps!!" Again Snomo people are GREAT!!
  8. I am in CT and made it LOL No Power at the house still, went out around noon yesterday but I have a hole house gen so I am fine. Was hard getting home last night though. had to re rout my trip 3 times!! then today when I came to my shop same thing trees down all over the place!! They got it much worce the more south ya go so i did OK.
  9. A BOX??? how many did you send?? LOL Thanks
  10. We wanted to ride up from VT last year and do Gaspe but as you know there was crap for snow so we drove to RDL and did 1,500mi all around and up thru the gaspe!! GREAT trip and will for sure be doing that again!!
  11. Trailblazer, Thanks for all that Info. I am going see what I have for maps or maybe call up there and see if that can send me some maps. Sounds like that might be a good run. You have any milage #s on any of that?
  12. I have been to Mont Laurier but not the Atibbi region, This i need to look into. Reservoir Goiun??? That sounds famillar..... Think I have a packet on that from years back. Seems like I talked to a guy that has a place on the edge of the Reservoir at a sled show. Someone is gettinmg me maps on this airea then I will check it out THANK YOU ALL!!! Keep the ideas comming my mind is truning LOL the excitment of a new adventure Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. The U.P. is on the bucket list for sure but not this year. I think like 20 years ago I maped it out and it would be like 1600 mi drive to get there from CT. I will do that for sure though someday.
  14. Looked into that a year or 2 ago but that year the trail was closed, i think maybe flooded and blown out bridges. Can't rememeber, The down side is one trail in and one trail out, we did go up a ways and it did get tight and someone up that way said it is like that so it would be slow going. If I remember right you drop onto that trail from KM35??